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  1. Suhayl's Stardome: 08/17/2012 Smackdown Review

    Hi guys, this is Suhayl and this is my little review of latest episode of Smackdown!

    Good things:

    Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes & IC Champion The Miz - It was good, yet too short match. I really (REALLY?!) liked the ending, but Mysterio wrestling in a t-shirt... Really? If you want to hide the gut, don't wear tight things.

    Eve as Booker assistant ...
  2. My Top 5 CURRENT Gimmicks from WWE.

    Everybody loves gimmicks. Especially when they are good gimmicks. So I tought I'd make my Top 5 of current WWE Superstars gimmicks. Here you go!

    5. Johnny Curtis
    It may be weird, but i just love this "Dirty Curty" persona he is doing right now. This whole walking shritless backstage and weird acting just makes me mark out for Curtis. Charisma of this guy also helps, but
  3. Should WWE bring back managers?

    Managers. They have been in WWE since it have started, they elevated superstars and helped them to get over with the crowd. Now... They're gone. Only MANAGER (I don't count Rosa Mendes, because they are more like a Stable) left is Vickie Guerrero.

    Why should WWE bring Managers Back?

    For one simple reason. There is a lot of Superstars that are pretty good in the ring, but ...
  4. Suhayl Strikes: Future Superstars.

    Hi Guys, Suhayl here and I just want to share some of my opinions about FCW Talents that should be brought up to either RAW or Smackdown. If my english isn’t great I’m sorry, but it isn’t my first language and I’m going to treat this blog as some kind of exercise.

    Well, let kick things off with two guys that already are on Smackdown! By this i mean Ryback and Damien Sandow.

    Updated 04-12-2012 at 11:08 AM by Suhayl

    Thoughts and Opinions

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