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  1. Cena Gets Political: Closer Look On His Montreal Promo

    If you are from America and follow the current race for president, you HAD to have seen the clues from John Cena's promo last Monday night. If you could get the hints, John Cena was indirectly blasting Barack Obama.

    In this blog, i will break down exactly what John Cena said about our current president.

    John Cena: (to CM Punk) "For 300 days, you have been champion. For ...
  2. Destination X Predictions and Thoughts

    How many of you don't believe TNA could put on a PPV card better than WWE? I think they just did. Destination X is a stacked card that really puts the X division in the spotlight while keeping their main World Heavyweight Title storyline and AJ/Daniels storyline relevant and growing. TNA has been putting a lot of good material lately and has been receiving praise even from WWE marks. Lets see the ...

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