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    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    It's cool that this is your Fav Five....but let's be honest, there's not much to choose from in WWE, is there?

    It's the same as LeBron James being the best player in the NBA. There's no doubt that he is, but, it's not saying a whole lot considering there's really no one else good in the NBA.
    Stick to wrestling since you obviously know nothing about basketball...
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    Wow, this is as close to my own fav five as anyone will ever get. Very nice and I agree almost 100 % with everything you said. Also a bunch of good lists and opinions in the comments. I'm very happy to see that a lot of people actually share my taste and opinions.
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    I'm going to agree with 4 of the 5. I think Rhodes has a great future ahead of him, I'd like to see him have good storylines to build him up to main event rather then throw the title on him and let him hold onto it forever just to lose it and switch titles (between IC and US) like they have done to Ziggler over last 2 years. I mean between 2010-2011 the guy had IC title and US title ~4 times total.

    I feel Ziggler has massive potential, problem is he doesn't have mic skills and he doesn't have AS MUCH swagger as Edge to use Vicky to a point where he develops great storylines and still gets to main event.

    My problem with your list is the Miz, he's like Cena in the ring. Limited moveset, same moves every match, same order, he can't tell a story in that ring. I feel like he's got great mic skills, but biggest problem with him is that as a heel, I don't hate him (well I hate him, but not the way you should hate a heel) He's not an Edge, he's not Y2J where he is clever and tactical in his approach to being a heel, he's not JBL where he can put on a suit, talk the talk and really get you to hate the guy but still be intrigued by what he's saying, he's not batista where he just applies brute force and injures people. He's boring, he's got mic skills but he uses them and make himself sound like a whiny little kid on the verge of throwing a tantrum if he doesn't get what he wants. He runs away as a heel (which he should) but doesn't return with a clever tactical attack. He's tied for most overrated superstar in WWE in my opinion with ther other guy being Alberto Del Taco.
    He's not a great heel, and he's too annoying to be a face.

    CM Punk, enough said there. I mean the guy has changed things up, he's always got people's attention and while some think he's getting stale, I expect another massive pipebomb to be dropped in the near future.

    While I'd make Zack Ryder an honorable mention (only reason being he doesn't get enough tv time to truly burst out, find an element and make it his own, he's limited) think about his youtube show, now think when was the last time he got a mic on RAW, I want to say it was night after TLC in 2011.

    Another guy I feel has potential but not up to fav 5 status yet is Kofi Kingston, give the guy a singles storyline, give him a mic, and decent opponent he'll get over

    My #1 guy (tie) atm is Daniel Bryan, this was the guy that I feel is the next Shawn Michaels. Amazing ability in the ring, uses all forms of wrestling, submission, technical, etc. Great on the mic and cheered and hated at same time (much like HBK early on). I think only solid thing missing is a pin-fall finisher, otherwise this guy is completely set
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    The Miz = Easily the best WWE Champion there ever was

    Are you kidding? I think he's horrible in the ring!

    Agree with Ziggler, Rhodes and Punk though. Bryan's gotta be in there. And I'd swap Ryder with Orton. He ain't the greates in-ring, but boy, does he have the look!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dre-dray
    I guess im the only one who finds Ryder boring..
    I hate Ryder
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    I guess im the only one who finds Ryder boring..
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