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Dean Klebonas

  1. My Favorite Superstars in WWE Right Now

    As Booker T's got his top 5, well, so do I. I have been thinking about who goes where for a while now, and I finally came to a final verdict. Here it is:

    5. Cody Rhodes

    I have always been a fan of Cody ever since he had that mask on. I liked
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  2. What Happened after Raw went off air?

    As the show ended, you saw John Cena Beating on John Laurinaitis. Zack Ryder then came out to help on the attack on Johnny. They were having fun with him. Zack Ryder got a HUGE ovation when he came out. Then, Triple H comes out. "He's a human being, this isn't right. His chest is red but his back is white!" so he rips off Johnny's shirt to let Ryder give a huge slap to Johnny's Back. Pedigree ...

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