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  1. deadly56's Avatar
    The one thing Ziggler is lacking is his mic skills. That's when Vickie comes in. I also think she garners extra heat for him, as a heel.

    I am also a Mizfit, but I wouldn't say he's the best WWE Champion there was.
  2. Kenny Kaos's Avatar
    Good work fella, I can understand why Zack is you're number 1 pick with him being your home town hero. Thats the same reason I like William Regal, and the fact he's awesome!

    My fave 5, as Booker T would put it:

    1. Regal
    2. CM Punk
    3. Daniel Bryan
    4. Jericho
    5. Dean Ambrose (CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS GUY)
  3. Dubs's Avatar
    Great list bro. I agree with the names mentioned. Hopefully Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler get their push to the main event scene. I also want to see Zack Ryder pushed as the U.S Champion once again.
  4. hhhistheman's Avatar
    4.Cody Rhodes
    2.C.M Punk
    1.HHH-will and always will be
  5. hhhistheman's Avatar
    4.Cody Rhodes
  6. Funkasaurus's Avatar
    5) Sheamus
    4) Kane
    3) HHH
    2) Cena
    1) Funkasaurus Brodus Clay
    I was watching WWE back when you had Saturday Nights Main Event and came thru all the wrestlemanias. That being said, who gives a flying burrito(Raging Bull Mannie Fernandez) about how well someone can/cannot wrestle?!?! It's all about the entertainment, and the 5 "superstars" most of you listed on this page haven't earned that title as they are not entertaining... Having a good "wrestling" match is great, but those that can tell a story while stomping a mudhole in someone and improvise on the go is what captivates an audience. Just my 2 cents worth...
  7. christianfan's Avatar
    they are god damn wrestlers, not "superstars" -.-
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