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  1. studley studington's Avatar
    Wembley? If Wrestlemania took place in England it would blatantly take place at the mighty Carrow Road stadium!
  2. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Completely agree. I, like you, are English. In fact, I live in London. Whilst your blog is completely spot on, the reason we deserve a WrestleMania in London is simple - WE ARE LOYAL. I'm not saying we're any more loyal than any other country outside of the US, but I for one stay up until 4am on a monthly basis for PPV, 4am for MNR, and I make sure I catch the SD highlights as soon as I can (I have my standards, and watching the full show is simply not worth it these days).

    For years these calls have been made and until Wembley was rebuilt they were unrealistic. England holds a hell of a fanbase for WWE and it would help Vince do what he wants to do every year with 'Mania and give it a different atmosphere. He could also come ridiculously close to breaking the UK arena attendance record (not just Wembley, the UK) - don't quote me on that as I've not done the sufficient research.

    WrestleMania in England is a guaranteed sell-out as we've been waiting for it for 29 years so far.
  3. deadly56's Avatar
    I like you're idea, but like what most are saying Wrestlemania is to big to have outside of USA/Canada. Maybe they should make up a PPV just for England, once a year. I guessing they can call it something like ''RoyalMania'' i'm not sure what the name can be, but there's a possibility WWE can do a PPV in England.
  4. the great Steef's Avatar
    i'm dutch too, and a wrestlemania in england is definatly something i would be present, book it!!!
  5. Lowki's Avatar
    They won't do it. If they held it at 7pm at night (our time) it would be 3pm on the east coast and 11am on the west coast.
    Remeber, the US is still pretty religious compared to us and sunday is, for a lot of people, still quite a relgious and family orientated day.
    They don't mind us having to watch at 2am but seriously, they would never hold their biggest annual event outside of the US/canada.

    You can say "My first thing to say is deal with it! every one else as too." That's how it is with Football isn't it? There's many EPL fans in the United States that have to "deal" with early kick offs to watch it but you won't ever see an 'EPL soccer' game held in a neutral stadium in the United States like the NFL does at wembley. Unfortunately, Wrestlemania is too big to hold in the UK due to the times. The US audiences are their main priority (sponsors for a start - just look at the advertisments during Raw.. we don't get half those products in the UK!). Also look at the special guests, they are mainly for North American audiences.
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  6. Mazza's Avatar
    NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN! Time zone is the main reason, and the internet is stopping it being shown on tape delay. I was at Summerslam in '92 and more recently, the Impact show in Nottingham, and the crowd was immense! If a big PPV is to held over here, the logical choice would be the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, as it has a roof!
  7. matt1tude's Avatar
    WM in England would be awesome, I don't see the problem with the time, IT'S Wrestlemania no other sporting event being shown during the time Mania is on would be able to compete.
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