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WM 30: The Undertaker vs. Kane III

What's up? This is The Don here for my very first blog!
At WrestleMania 14, these two had a hell of a match, which led to the first Inferno match in their WM re-match at Unforgiven 1998 (correct me if I'm wrong). They had an amazing feud. Now fast forward to WM 20. The Undertaker returns in his Deadman persona after being buried alive at Survivor Series 2003 by Kane. This match I thought had great build-up, but the match was...well...We all know what happened, and their feud ended there in an awful match. It really could have been better, knowing what The Undertaker can do in the ring, and knowing that Kane can do in the ring.
Now ten years later, imagine, The Undertaker, coming off a victory over John Cena at WM 29 and now The Undertaker is looking at retirement. Someone else looking at retirement...Kane. These two I feel can have an awesome last match against one another at the 30th Anniversery of WrestleMania to close out their careers. Great build-up, good promos, and maybe a special stipulation, and we could have Match of the Year for these two's last match.
If this happens, I feel it will make up for the awful WM 20 match, the somewhat ok 2010 feud, and surpass WM 14, and give true closure to two legends and future WWE Hall of Famers. Please comment.

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