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Josh Shepard

  1. Should John Cena Really be the Face of PG-WWE?

    For quite some time now, the WWE has been in what is collectively known as the "PG-Era" WWE.

    PG WWE is supposed to be famiily-friendly entertainment with the occasional combat sport thrown in.

    For as long as the WWE has been PG, one face has been made synonymous with PG WWE.

    That face, my friends, is John Cena.


    Updated 07-03-2012 at 02:05 AM by Josh Shepard

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  2. A Due Change in Format

    Hello, everyone.

    Welcome to my latest blog. Today I would like to discuss something that I think would be a welcomed thing among us fans. That thing is a change in the format of WWE television.

    In my earliest memories of professional wrestling, there were two main shows to choose from: WCW Monday Nitro, and WW(F) Raw is War/WarZone. Most everyone knows the story of the ...

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  3. More Than A-Train and Brock Returned This Week

    Hello, Everyone.

    This is my first blog here, so please bear with my inexperience with how this is written.

    July 16th, 2001 : This was the night that Stone Cold Steve Austin returned to save the WW(F) from the invading forces of the WCW and ECW. Besides the chaos in and out of the ring, this night also produced arguably the single, hottest live audience in wrestling history. ...

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