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Real Talk!

  1. Real Talk!: Brock Lesnar is not a Good Wrestler.

    I got a lot of heat for my first ever blog and, I'll probably gets some more heat on this one too, but I don't care because thats what a blog is, I'm surpose to tell you what I think and that is exactly what I'm going to do.

    As I remember watching Raw and Smackdown in the early 2000's I didn't think Brock Lesnar was good. First of all the worst match that I ever saw was a Brock Lesnar ...
  2. Real Talk!: The Rock Should Have Loss To John Cena

    This is my first blog and, I'm going to be real with you guys and, give my exact opinion. The Rock should have lost to John Cena clean.The reason why is simple The Rock should have did for Cena what Hogan did for the Rock.

    Hogan was a full time wrestler at the time Rock beat him, and Rock is only part time for now. How I look at it is a part time wrestler just beat the face of the company. ...

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