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  1. YES! YES! YES!'s Avatar
    Thanks for the comments guys!! Its nice to hear some feedback as well as other fans opinions. I haven't seen any of his FCW work unfortunately. I live in Canada and I have no idea where or how to watch it, but I guess that's what youtube is for. I'm really high on him so i'll definitely check out some of his FCW work any suggestions on specific matches??
  2. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Good blog. Sandow is one of my favorite to come out of the FCW crop. I take it you have yet to see his FCW work... I suggest you skip SmackDown this coming week and spend that 2 hours on youtube watching some of his matches as well as some of Claudio's (Antonio). Sandow has some good talent and I am glad they brought this character to SmackDown as it makes the show feel alot fresher than what the past several weeks has offered. I like the point of view as it is always nice to hear a wrestling fan actually appreciate something rather than bash it without reason.
  3. blink's Avatar
    He should lose the pink tights... It's just weird seeing a guy in pink short trunks. Other than that, I'm loving this guy. And I like his variation of the neck breaker. I am admittedly, more interested in ryback at this point though. Dude is big and is intensity personified. I'll always have a soft spot for power houses though.
  4. bartish2's Avatar
    sandow is boring, cesaro is irrelevant & ryback is useless beating only jobbers with no credibility.
  5. Cabers's Avatar
    Have to agree with this blog. Although the writer appears to watch WWE only in FCW he was building that character for close to a year!! So i expected all of what he is doing i'm waiting for him to do even more.
  6. LegendsMadeWrestling's Avatar
    this was just a horrible raw and I haven't said that in a very long while the only good thing about the show was Brock being a bad ass like always.

    Cm Punk was just horrible, people who thought that segment was great you people are out of your mind that was the worst boring crap from Cm Punk he should never act like he's drunk again and just leave it to the professionals.

    And John Cena well his character has always looked like a scared lil b**** but if he beats Brock Lesnar this Sunday is all because of his make a wish reputation to show all his lil fans that you can stand up to bullies so much for wrestling entertainment going down the s***
  7. Vondraco's Avatar
    "A 3 hour RAW supershow = 3 hours of very entertaining WWE programming."

    Hmm ... I guess you watched a different show than I did. I disagree with a good bit of what you said. (Just My opinion, though.)
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