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  1. theaweesome1's Avatar
    i really wanted to see this one based on the whole concept like Lockdown with every match in a cage BUT the Cena vs big slow match lost me..hopefully theres not a rematch at MITB,,
  2. PSOjedi's Avatar
    Cena vs Big Show will obviously be boring to watch, as Big Show will destroy him during 95% of the time, then Cena will win or lose and both will show poor things in the ring. But even if Kane was facing Brodus Clay & Mark Henry, instead of Punk & Bryan, the match would be better than Cena vs Big Show. As long as Cena keeps his actual gimmick, he will be boring in the ring, especially if he faces guys like big show
  3. scribblerking's Avatar
    If one were to go one step deeper into the absurd--which seems to be the WWE playbook as of late--one might expect Kane to pin Daniel Bryan to claim the WWE championship as AJ sudenly turns on them both and becomes the thrawn of the Big Red Monster!
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Your fault for liking Del Rio.
  5. B-ri's Avatar
    One word. DEMOGRAPHICS.

    WWE's main audience is younger, therefore Cena is the big selling point. Not a match which the IWC wants, I don't get why this is so difficult for people to understand. Do you think that kids who are begging their parents to order the PPV are using the argument that "Punk and Bryan are going to have an incredible match due to their superior wrestling ability" No, they want to see Cena. He's their hero.

    Plus I think the way they have it now pleases everyone. The IWC get what they want (Sheamus vs Del Rio & Punk vs Bryan) and the kids get what they want (Cena vs Big Show). What would you rather have the WWE title in the main event but Cena be in the match or would you rather have Punk vs Bryan and have it in the co-main event slot?
  6. theunderdog84's Avatar
    I honestly think Kane is in the match for one reason and one reason only, he will get pinned by Daniel Bryan somehow. I think Punk has had the belt long enough and with the popularity(even as a heel) of Bryan they want to capitalize on this even if its only in the short term. Obviously they cant have Bryan pin Punk as it would make him look weak as he is the no.2 face of the company. This way it sets up a bigger anticipated match further down the line so Punk can get his belt back.
    On another note i believe AJ will screw Punk over and rejoin Bryan. It would get more heat heaped on Bryan and we would see a power couple (heel) once again on top in WWE.
    (Knowing my luck none of this will happen but sure hey if it does u heard it here first)
  7. PhEonYx's Avatar
    I stand by what you've all said about the possibilities of the E' saving a Punk/Bryan singles match for SS. Yet what with Aj, and Kane being thrown in the mix, the E' can throw so many different curve balls at us in the process. I'll agree, Kane being tossed into the match may have been a way to let the Cena/Show match be the main focal point on the card, yet at the same time I'm hoping for some crazy ass twist in the match.

    Either way, good blog bro.
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