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  1. Conspiracy Theory - No Way Out

    For the fourth consecutive WWE Pay Per View the main event will not involve either the WWE or World Heavy Weight Championships. The two iconic titles, the Super Bowl trophies of pro wrestling won't be the center of attention. Of course we all know this is because the WWE considers John Cena vs (Insert name of opponent here) this time the big slow(show) to be more valuable and more of a draw then the ...
  2. RAW Reflections - April 23rd 2012

    YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME.......A 3 hour RAW supershow = 3 hours of very entertaining WWE programming. Minus a few speed bumps along the way. This was the best episode of RAW since the post Wrestlemania edition in my opinion.

    OPENING THOUGHTS: There was a lot going on during RAW this week they covered a lot of ground and really gave a lot of screen time to superstars and divas who wouldn't ...
  3. RAW Reflections

    WOW!! I cant remember the last time I enjoyed an episode of RAW as much as I did last night. Now a lot of that has to do with the crowd in Miami, they were fired up from the opening segment with the Rock all the way until the end when Lesnar F5'd the crap out of Cena.

    THE GOOD: The rock's promo was classic rock, despite the shot he took at the canadian football league (I'm canadian and ...

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