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  1. The (very late) ToughBlog : Week 6

    Hey again, Hakumen's back and ready to give his belated thoughts on this week in Tough Enough. Yeah, I ran into a few snags whilst trying to write this, like my computer updating without telling me, making me lose all my progress and well, studying. But, we're past all that now, so time to rock! It's been a crazy time in the world of wrestling as of late, with such madness as Christian's 3 day title ...
  2. The ToughBlog : The Primer

    Hey guys, and welcome to my first attempt at writing a blog here on the interwebs. I thought I'd give this a try, as I've been a keen reader of many blogs here on EWN, and for as far as I've seen, there doesn't seem to be a blog based around this, so I thought I might try to fill that void .

    Now, since Tough Enough returned the eve after Wrestlemania, I've personally found myself ...

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