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  1. Rockstar83's Avatar
    great read bro. Ivelisse is alright in my book but I dont think her or Christina (Alicia Fox's Sister) have what it takes...I dont see either of them lasting long...I am really impressed with three guys who I think have it...they are LUKE (Who I think will win it all) Martin (He looks like ALex Shelly to me I don't know why but he is like 2nd runner up) and finally Jeremiah this guy doesn't have his front row teeth but he is impressive some times....Im not saying that the others are bad but I dont see them going far....After watching today's TE show and the small people I would of laughed if RIma played against them....There would be no way in Hell Rima would of done that course that Bill set up...NONE BAR NONE! with that said I say Luke will take this all home and win it all
  2. Clikka's Avatar
    Ivelisse is fine, like damn fine.......Hope she doesnt go. for awhile. As for the winner...........I hope jeremiah martin or andy............cant stand luke, dont like his attitude.......
  3. Steve Austin's Avatar
    Nice blog yet again, I thought it was a good episode. It was about time Ryan went being in the bottom 3 three times but I personlly thought Ivelisse or Christina should of went more Christina because Ivelise is fit Martin continued to impress as well as Jeremiah (my favorite) and Andy the dark horse of the competition. Can't until next weeks episode I've heard there is going to be two eliminations.
  4. Anyrysm's Avatar
    I have been really enjoying the show, but one guy I hope gets booted soon is Eric. Yeah he has a compelling back story, but every week it seems that he is on the verge of hurting someone because he's not in good enough shape. Plus, if I hear one more time that he has "the look" I might throw my shoe through the TV. At some point looking like a wrestler can't be enough; especially when you've sent home a contestant the caliber of Matt.
  5. WWTNA Mark's Avatar
    TBH, I never got the hype of Rima. Sure, she worked hard and stuff but I don't like how they tried to make the show revolve around her like you said. Matt should have stayed tbh. He really looked like he wanted to win so bad too. The others deserved to leave especially Michael or however you spell his name. Great blog man.
  6. Steve Austin's Avatar
    I agree with those four and I hope Andy gets a chance he deserves it, he's shown great commitment, desire and dicipline which are all needed to be a WWE superstar.
  7. knox's Avatar
    @Steve, so who do you think will actually end up with a contract. I know it will be one winner but I think numerous contestants will end up with a contract.

    I think Martin will win, Alicia Fox's sister, Luke & Jeremiah will get contracts in my opinion

    What do you guys think
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