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  1. Really?: Extreme Rules, Cody Rhodes, and Brock Lesnar

    Hello everyone, Y2JRAY here, this is my first blog of what I hope too be many on the big topics in the WWE. I have written a few other blogs before but now I am going to try my luck with trying to make a legitimate series. Now these won't be weekly reviews since we have so many people writing weekly reviews already, I will only be blogging when I feel that the WWE has made a huge move, whether a ...

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  2. Top 5 Entertaining WWE stars today

    I recently wrote a blog about my top 5 most boring WWE stars out there right now. This blog is just a follow up to that, but from a more positive perspective, this time its my top five entertaining WWE stars out there right now. First off i did not put the Rock on this list because i feel like this list is more about active WWE stars, however if Rocky had been around more this year I think I could ...
  3. Thank you Miami

    This blog is gunna be short and sweet and really is just a shout out basically but oh well i feel they deserve it.

    Watching Wresltemania and Raw last night made me realize how great a WWE audience Miami is, perfect host for wrestlemania. The crowd was so amped all night for mania even with some lackluster matches they still were a great crowd. And Monday nights Raw? All I can say is ...
  4. 5 most boring WWE stars today

    Hey guys, first time blogger so let me know how I do. Talking with some buddies about who the best in WWE are got me to thinking, who are the most boring superstars out there right now.

    Before i get hated on for using top talent I just want to say I made this list out of guys who are receiving decent pushes, comment on what you think of my opinions and other guys who you think are currently ...

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