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    Your English is better than a lot of Americans' who only speak one language anyhow. My only suggestion is that English doesn't use quite so many capitalized words. First word in a sentence and proper names only, in most cases.

    Draft: Liked it, but it seems that they're doing away with the who 'brand separation' thing. I wouldn't be surprised (though would be a bit bit disappointed) if they unified the Word and WWE titles.

    Lesnar: Disagree entirely. I don't think he's that great. He's supposed to be a heel, and he does "heely" stuff ... but he just comes across as stupid. Bryan, Rhodes, even Kane ... much better heels.

    Miz: Agree. Also a good heel, no idea why they're not pushing him more nowadays.
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    I'm going to start off by agreeing with the rest of the gang, "Great First Blog!!". I usually attempt to read most blogs without criticizing too much, let alone actually FINISHING them. Everyone is entitled to there opinion, hence why blogging can be quite some fun. I can agree with some of the points you've stated, others I won't even touch. Yet, despite all of that, you kept me interested, and for that alone, i thank you. Keep it up bud.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Great One
    Beth Phoneix isn't dominant. She lost plenty of matches plus before she got the Diva's title from Kelly Kelly, Kelly beat her twice.
    Yeah, She won. But Her Gimmick is just about to be almost Undefeated. And She lost, yeah she lost. But NOW, she's almost undefeated. And her loss to Kelly Kelly were Roll-Up Pins. I Don't think that this is the best way to Wrestle. I Think Wrestlers and Divas should battle till the end. Barely Walking away from the ring. This leads to the point that Wrestling this way, would give a lot more credit to the WWE and that thing of Wrestling Is Back.
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    Good First Post. Just a quick point though.

    " Feel Free to comment and share your opinions, because That's why i'm here, to see if i'm being an selfish idiot that understands nothing of Wrestling, or if I make a good Point."

    Don't feel that way. You're not being a selfish idiot and it has nothing to do with you understanding wrestling. If anyone blogging on here knew anything about the wrestling business, they'd be in it...not blogging on here. It's your opinion, no matter what anyone else thinks of it. Some people get defensive and start hammering people's blogs, simply because they don't agree. I was actually very much a culprit of that until just a few weeks ago. Hang in there. Your blog was good.
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    Beth Phoneix isn't dominant. She lost plenty of matches plus before she got the Diva's title from Kelly Kelly, Kelly beat her twice.
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    I feel like criticizing you , but I actually find you funny. The funniest thing you said was '' Feel Free to Tell Yours in The Comments and Say Anything You Want. Anything But Insulting My Momma. ''

    lool. Anyway English wasn't even yo
    u're first language, and you wrote a decent blog, so well done.
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    excellent English first of all. Second of all, agreed. It is a bad year for the wwe, too many single wrestlers and no tag team division, divas division is useless & ratings are ever decreasing. That needs to be changed.
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