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    Honestly this match would have been the best thing out if, like Punk said, Jericho just straight came out and said "you and I, one on one, best in the world, Wrestlemania. The whole thing I feel wasn't done that well until the promos started. All the video packages and stuff which to this point haven't had much relevance and I didn't like how Jericho miraculously wins a battle royal to become number one contender. I would have marked out like crazy if he straight came out and made the challenge. Obviously he wouldn't straight get the match but he could have fought the other guys in the elimination chamber. Each week, beating them all to deserve the shot. Would have been so much better.
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    I do agree with you on them facing jobbers instead of doing tag team matches. I felt like the Dbryan and Y2J vs Sheamus and CM Punk tag match was too much of a spoiler. I liked your thinking in how they would end thier matches. One wins through submission, the other one does later that night. Its clever.

    What I do kind of disagree with you on is the personal things Jericho is using to aggrovate Punk. Personal promos is good for Wrestlemania I believe. Yes someone else could of done it but Jericho has the mic skills to pull it off. But I understand and respect your opinion.

    Thanks for the blog I enjoyed reading it. Hope you do more like this one.
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