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  1. Rambaldi's Avatar
    Although your different take on cena's character is definitely something i'd like to see.
  2. Rambaldi's Avatar
    Good creativity yet my problem with it is that aside from cena(which is disputable) and cody rhodes no other full time wrestler is going to benefit from this sort of build. Orton and Punk losing to lesnar is not beneficial in the long term, maybe it compliments the rock and lesnar feud but once both guys leave wwe next year after mania the creative team is faced with having to build their company around individuals who have experienced devastating losses to guys who are no longer in the company. They'll appear second rate to guys like rock and lesnar who arent going to bring the wwe into the next generation. guys like bryan,ziggler,kofi, rhodes and d biase are the people who should be benefiting from guys like lesnar and rocks recent tenures in the company, not being consistently buried or just marginally defeated. The scenario you built was intriguing but steeped too much in past nastolgia with guys like hhh,nash(who can barely walk) and even mick foley stealing the limelight away from the younger stars. Thats just my opinion, would lesnar be the mega star he is without guys like hogan, taker, rock and angle putting him over? giving him the limelight or at least sharing it. Doubt it, and thats where my flaw lies with this,its great from a theoretical standpoint yet just does nothing to push the wwe forward in the long term which is ultimately more important than some temporary band aid solution to the lack of young main event talent.
  3. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Exceptional MARATHON bud!!!!!! Your creativity is beyond words. You grasped my attention, and I read all 4 blogs with much anticipation,and eagerly anticipating the next. This is what story telling is about. Hell, at times I'm able to predict a few months ahead, drawing out my own possible scenarios. Yet you thought this out, and put your vision into words. Capturing not only my imagination, but those of others here in "blog land". You've clearly got talent my friend. I will note, that if the following is dead on over the next 12 months or so, "we" as in the EWN bloggers should petition your ass to being a part of Vinnie Macs creative team. AMAZING, and well thought out man. Thank you so much for the read. Hell, after all of that writing and thought, I could fully understand NOT seeing another blog from you for awhile LOL. Can't wait to hear more from you my friend. Cheers
  4. faby119's Avatar
    hey man vince should hire you. The way you're explaining your thoughts is just amazing. Keep it going.
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    I have few differences in some of your things...but, still the series is awesome...n gr8 have really gave your heart n soul for this....gud stories esp for Cena....Super Man to Zero n again rise to super man is a gr8 story line for him...he needs some excitement in his character n you have given some gud story lines for him...
  6. Big__Meat's Avatar
    I feel like I just read the spoilers for the rest of the year. I'm ready for Wrestlemania XXX now. Lol. But seriously this was a great series of blogs. Nicely done. I think this would be a great path to follow in the storylines and something like this could possibly make WWE almost as great as it was in 03
  7. jai's Avatar
    I like how you wrote a 4-part blog, and it looks well thought out, so kudos to you. The only thing I hate is that Cena becomes World Heavyweight Champion. I thought maybe a Triple Threat match between Rocky, Brock and Cena would be good for 'Mania, but then again, your way makes more sense, I haven't seen a huge Triple Threat main event in ages.
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