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    I knew that was going to be the first question asked of it!!! Basically, it comes down to characters. When I first thought of this storyline, I wanted Kane to have a ridiculous partner who was a wrestler but with an OTT gimmick - someone like The Hurricane or Doink the Clown, that sort of idea. So I looked through the current roster on, and the only ones who came close to fitting that mould to my mind were Santino, Hornswoggle or, to a lesser extent, Zack Ryder. Ryder I discounted because of the unresolved history with Kane, and him not being quite weird enough, and Hornswoggle and Santino just felt too same-y and predictable and I didn't like their fit in the story.

    So, as I casually flicked through, Tony Chimel's grinning face popped up and I got to thinking why not? Then I thought about Kane's character, and the fact that he is a complete psychopath, and bizarrely it started to make sense. Kane's character, now behind the mask, is one who is completely unpredictable and psychotic - traits that are fun to play with. You want that sense with him that one day he'll give you a hug, the next he'll rip your throat out but carefully gift-wrap it for you. So having him force Tony Chimel into being his partner felt like something Kane would do for no explainable reason - he wants it so he gets it, no need to question it. Then it started to spawn this idea that Tony starts out terrified but then actually starts to develop a liking for Kane and a feeling of camaraderie towards him, and that whole relationship fit perfectly with the comedy that is already inherent in this storyline.

    This then also influenced my decision to include Regal as well, as whilst it makes sense with his mentoring of Daniel Bryan, he is also very good in the comedy skits so would play well with it.

    So essentially, it was a happy accident, but one which I actually think is more fun than having an actual bona-fide superstar in that role and one that does more for Kane's psychopath character too.

    And thanks for the kind comments, I'm glad you enjoy the stories and I hope to continue telling them!
  2. Heavy's Avatar
    Haha dude I love this blog, especially how you use tony chimel as s Ricardo type deal, great build and creativity,
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Cool. A well-written story. If only the actual creative writers of today's wrestling business put half as much effort into their work, wrestling might actually be entertaining.

    For anyone who actually wants to know what it's truly like to build a story and to have a plan, this blog is exactly that. It takes us from now until WM, which is exactly what WWE and TNA writers should be doing with every major storyline. Instead of the dreck we get today where even the writers don't know what's happening next week.

    Good job man. I loved this blog.
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    ...OK it needs to be said, why Tony Chimel?
  5. steve_wonder's Avatar
    Wow, thank you very much for all the feedback guys, and an extra special thanks for all the kind words as well. I have to admit that being a WWE writer would be a dream come true, so some of you saying "Vince hire him" is particularly cool!!! I will hopefully be writing again in the near future once I know what my work schedule is going to be (starting something new next week so going into the unknown as they say!). But feedback like this will definitely inspire me to do more so keep your eyes peeled for that!!
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    Exceptional!You have it all thought out brilliantly!
  7. nafeesgreat1's Avatar
    Vince plzzzz hire this guy,he's 100000 times better then ur pathetic writers,,Excellent blog in 4 parts man.We hope it happens just as u thought,,ok some of us may say that its predictable as STEVE WONDER dug it out a year ago,But it'll b sooo sooo much better what WWE is gonns give 2 us,Again,best blog ive read ever here.
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