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    What we're seeing between The Rock and John Cena is truly history in the making. Why? Because it's based on real life issues that should be addressed. I am a fan of both wrestlers and though I don't consider myself a "mark," I side with Cena. Let's look at a few things and consider what makes this thing so relevant.

    The biggest thing that stands out to me is the whole doing away with kayfabe. Anyone who is a true wrestling fan has seen so many gimmicks and storylines that it was almost to a point where wrestling wasn't worth watching anymore. Everything that could have possibly, and legally been done was done. So what's left to do? How about telling the truth. Bring some realism to the game. Case in point, back in the 80s when Flair and Steamboat feuded, they focused on the lifestyles of both men. Flair was the high rolling, flamboyant player that every woman wanted and every man wanted to be. Steamboat was the low key, family man do-gooder who refused to cheat his way through the biz. Flair brought the ladies and the bling to the ring, Steamboat brought his wife and kid. A taste of realism helped combined with the clinics they put on in the ring.

    Jake Roberts and Rick Rude had a nice run with their feud with the inclusion of Roberts' wife. Hogan and Savage split up as the Mega Powers over an alleged (yet probably true) affair between Hulk and Liz? Again, a sense of realism. And how about the Ric Flair's beef with Jim Herd over the operation of NWA/WCW toward the beginning of the 90s? The Great American Bash was supposed to be Barry Windham's big night, but because Jim Herd was an idiot who brought the first fall of WCW, Flair split up NOrth with Big Gold. Watch GAB '91 and you can hear the fans chanting for Flair, and watch Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone (sp?) trying to sell a fake story as to why Flair wasn't there while all along knowing the truth. Realism works!

    Still not convinced? Let's welcome in the Monday Night Wars. What about the incident at MSG when the Clique said goodbye as Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were on their way out the door. And even though their debut in WCW started as a work/shoot (importance on work being first) it still brought a realism to the audience. DX invaded Nitro, Madusa throws away the WWE women's title on live TV, the Radicals come to WWE. ALl the drama with Russo screwing up WCW which led to the end of WCW...all these things weren't expected by the audience, and it worked. Up to a point, we didn't have websites and insiders to give us a heads up on the happenings of the wrestling world, and the shock factor was great!

    By no means am I trying to insult anyone's wrestling knowledge, but it's always best to present something to the crowd that's new and fresh, which, FINALLY after all that rambling, I come back to The Rock and Cena. It's not just about being a Rock fan or a Cena fan, but it's about being entertained. The stuff Rock is doing now was new and fresh 10-15 years ago. What makes it bad is that we're seeing it over and over in his promos. His Boston promos were weak and the fact that he had to write stuff on his wrist was pathetic. If he can memorize lines for a script, surely he can memorize a promo. And ending his "Rock Concert" tonight with We Will Rock You was lame. He was doing fairly decent until he got to that part. He's not addressing the accusations Cena has presented to Cena's face, and that makes him look weak to me. Yeah Rocks promos are entertaining, but they're flat out weak.

    Cena is giving us his heart, his emotions and the truth, and it's burying the Rock. Yeah, it may have started off as WWE trying to hold back the Rock to make Cena look strong, but I really don't think Cena needs the help. Am I the only one who noticed when Cena was putting EVE on blast that we mouthed the words "I'm Back" to the camera? Cena's been the one who's holding back. Yeah he may look like a Vanilla Ice Eminem wannabe, but he's got our attention. He gets on the mic and it doesn't even seem like he's trying, and he cuts a good promo. All I'm saying is promo wise, Cena is clearly ahead on the score cards. And if it weren't for a PG rating, he could probably be further ahead. I can really do without all the references to the people's strudel, Clydesdale, or whatever the heck it is. Man-up Rock and tell Cena how you really feel. The match at WM28 is going to be a heck of a match. Whoever wins, it'll be good for business, but if it were just left to a war of words, then, like Cena says, "The Champ Is HERE!"
  2. San-The-Beast's Avatar
    you sir lost all your credibility as an un biased person the second you wrote that line about you being a father and understanding why cena is the way he is. Also on the promo battles the rocks promos are far more entertaining than cenas yeah cena comes out throws a few punches but the rocks promos are far more exciting in my opinion. The rocks concert tonight was incredible, I'll admit I jumped up when cena came out ala Dr of thuganomics and his rap was good too I seriously doubted if the rock could come up with anything to top that but his concert was extremely entertaining and in my opinion blew ceans rap out of the water. The blog was well written though
  3. Dap Diesel's Avatar
    @Theicon, thanks for reading. You're entitled to disagree. that's what makes this country so great. We don't have to agree. But just because I don't bow to the same idol as you doesn't make my blog crappy anymore than it makes you an expert on wrestling or spelling "realize". Again, not a Cena mark. I respect the hell out of any wrestler who goes hard 360+ days a year taking insane bumps and putting miles on their bodies going cross country to entertain the fans. It's not a 50/50 battle because kids will blindly follow Cena just like guys (presumably) our age will blindly chant along with The Rock.

    Rocky WAS more entertaining than Cena. I was also a lot younger then. I appreciated when CM Punk came out ripping into Cena and Trips and VKM and Stephanie because it had a ring of reality to it. It seemed raw and off the cuff. That to me is WAAAAAAY more entertaining than talking about male and female genitalia and rectal exams.

    You're a Rock fan. You're entitled. I looked at this objectively as a guy who has always been very pro Rock. But you can't get butt-sore if I don't see things the way you do *lol. My feelings were genuinely hurt when you called me stupid (insert sad face).

    @lukepopescu73, I don't have heat on The Rock, I'm looking at things objectively as I hope others who read anything I write would do. His promo on Cena was not one of his best, his promo where he ran down Rikishi, Undertaker and Kurt Angle among others was hilarious. His back and forth with Jericho picking apart Stephanie McMahon Helmsley? Great stuff and classic one-upsmanship (if that's even a word). The stuff in Boston was a bunch of cheap pops and pointing out that Cena has a bunch of crap made in his likeness just like Rock used to. Bobbleheads, alarm clocks, cologne, it's all stuff Rock used to have too, which is what made it funny to me.

    And let's be clear, I'm speaking based on obserations that I've made, not what I think Cena marks or Rocky marks want to hear or read. You don't like what I have to say, write a compelling counter arguement. You're tired of people siding with Cena, I'm just as tired of people riding for rock blindly. It's my opinion and you have yours. I respect it. just defending my position in my blog.

    And thank you for the correction, you're right it was Survivor Series and not SS. My mistake. Continue to be a fan of the site, I too am looking forward to this battle, but honestly if Cena wins, he'll get booed out of the building and if Rock wins it buries Cena and doesn't give anyone the rub. The whole handshake at the end is just not realistic at all. So...

    hopefully creative gets it right. I'll leave it to the experts on this site who clearly work for the WWE give me the heads up (hint at sarcasm).

    Thanks for reading guys!
  4. Theicon's Avatar
    Disagree on all points the Rock is & always will be more entertaining than Cena, im really getting sick of these cena-mark blogs who are too stupid to realise that creative are trying to get cena more over to make the match a 50/50 battle & people like you have too much time on your hands over analyising all this to end up writing a crappy blog
  5. lukepopescu73's Avatar
    I dont get all this heat on The Rock on all these blogs, we all loved the rock for his trash talk and his catch phrases . how is it different now? his promo on Cena at the Boston Harbor was one of his best. Cena just has done nothing to impress me, just because he is "real" does not mean he is winning in these promo wars. Rock is still great, he proved it at survivor series not "summerslam" . I have been waiting for this match up to happen for a very long time. i am a big fan of this website but to see a lot of you guys bashing the rock is turning me away, if we are dedicated wrestling fans we should be enjoying this because this is a once in a long while match up.
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    Your sir, are absolutly right. Very good blog! I hope to see more of you blogging.
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