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  1. Taneel's Avatar
    Breaking The Miz's streak? I'd say no to that. He is 3-0 at wrestlemania already, and while you may say that it's too far away from Taker's streak to mean anything, just remember that Taker was 3-0 at some point.
  2. deadly56's Avatar
    When it's about RR and on wards, that's when we usually get a heap load of Wrestlemania cards. But it's gotten so bad, that people are doing it when it's fucking 9months away.
  3. ArkhosBlack's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by OneTimePosterShorry
    Well he's definitely not facing Cena. They called it "Once In A Lifetime" for a reason.
    Well. I Think that it's Possible. Rock vs. Brock for the Title, Isn't Gonna Happen. Brock will leave after that.
    Rock vs. 'Taker for the title, not gonna happen too. 'Taker will Leave.
    The Only One That will stay, will be John Cena.

    And they're not gonna put any other Rising Superstar against The Rock.
  4. bearkg88's Avatar
    Interesting card. I don't think it'll shape up like this, but none the less, interesting card
  5. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    I'm with the Savior. Save them till after Survivor Series at the earliest. But a nice idea nonetheless. Some of those predictions will not happen though. I'm sorry.
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I understand this is a dream card, but I think it's safe to say that, you're pretty much dreaming on this whole thing.

    And...Daniel Bryan will NEVER HEADLINE WRESTLEMANIA. EVER! EVER! EVER! EVER! There's a chance he will never be in the title picture again. But it is a stone lock that he will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER Headline Wrestlemania. EVER.

    I realize those in control of the blog board are in cruise control, much like the WWE, but you should probably save the Wrestlemania Card blogs for like February or March.
  7. akbar's Avatar
    A Wrestlemania card blog when it's 9 months away...
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