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  1. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    As someone who has never watched TNA I fail to see how you can give a fair judgement regarding how much certain of their hired wrestlers have contributed or not except for what you've read on the dirt sheets. Aside from that I agree that with Melina's history she'd likely be trouble if hired.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I don't read into the behind the scenes stuff so much, but I watch TNA Impact every week. And I fail to see where Angle, Hardy, and Gail Kim have been bad for them? Hardy is the top face for them right now. Angle has just turned face and has been over as a face and heel for them. And Gail Kim has been the Knockouts champ forever now, playing a great heel role.

    Whether Melina is a problem child or not, if signing her will bring John Morrison there and keep him happy, then do it.
  3. nosellshogan's Avatar
    Honestly, they just signed The Brookester Brooke Hogan. Signing Melina would honestly be a step up from that.
  4. tchocky360's Avatar
    You write you never watch TNA, but you've judged that Angle, Hardy and Kim are nutty signings.
    Ignoring both of their personal troubles in the past, in-ring Angle and Hardy have been a success for TNA.

    In fact, Hardy has improved since his WWE days and learned to talk decent enough on mic.
    Kurt Angle is Kurt Angle and puts on excellent matches, he helped build Roode up to the level he is now and himself and AJ Styles had an good match at the last PPV.

    Gail Kim gets to wrestle decent length matches and I'd much rather her be champ than Mickie James. Maybe you would feel the same if you actually watched the show.
    Also, of course TNA would give her most of the time on TV, she's the champ!

    They could book the Knockouts a bit better and spread out the wins, but they only get one show a week, and so the Knockout time has to focus on the champ and next contender. It pretty much means they will be the only two women winning matches for the couple months a feud lasts.

    I'm happier for Melina not to sign as well, I don't think she's worth the hassle and the pay when there's enough female talent there for the small spotlight they have.

    But this blog makes it look like you don't know what you're talking about when you write that Kim is a nutty signing for TNA.
    Give the show a go and maybe you'll change your mind on a few things.
  5. butch magnus's Avatar
    You're missing a major point: Lack of capable talent.
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