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    Great blog.
    I'd go with most of your scoring.

    Storm is a little obvious, although it would give a great finale to their feud.

    AJ, RVD and Angle don't need it, and I think are fine with current positions as the 'ones to beat'.

    Magnus and Joe had makings of great Tag Team, and Magnus could do with a good feud against a top TNA mainstay.

    Pope, I have seen too little of to have much of an opinion of in the ring. Good look, and I think gives a very different dynamic, though, so hope he stays in contention.

    I actually though that Hardy was stoned for a few moments at the start, but (probably) was fine. However, still have that fear that he will reduce another PPV to tatters.

    Mr Anderson - overrated and sloppy. Plays the tweener well, but others would hold the title better.

    Daniliels is tough unlikely IMO. I'd prefer him to be in the X-Div, as seeing him against Magnus was like seeing a 12 year old trying to beat up a 20 year old.

    Robbie E: can only see him here so that we have a 'shock' swap for big Rob due to injury, etc. Or, I have a horrible feeling, he loses a stipulation match to Bischov jnr for his place in BFG...
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    To be honest, i dont think james storm should be in it, it just seems too obvious that he'll win it, they shouldve had him feuding with roode while its going on and i think its stupid having aries fighting roode, wouldve liked to have seen him have feud with samoa joe, without aries and joe being in bfg, whats gonna happen to x division?? not that i like him but i was surprised to see that crimson wasnt in it.
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    The only reason i can guess robbie e is in it is to lose. Maybe someone gets hurt and adouble gets in????????? that would be cool ( don't want anyone to get really hurt thought)
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    There was a story set up last year with Joe racking up points at the end to pull out a win so he has a good chance. If Aries wins the title and Joe wins the series then they set up Joe vs Aries 2. The Pope could have a surprise comeback, Magnus is really popular in India, England and Mexico and those are big TNA markets right now, and Storm is the obvious choice.
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    So lame knowing who the winner will be so early......
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    Quote Originally Posted by SHW
    The guy has a bright future, but it would be a bad move to have him in the mainevent of BFG.
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