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WWe's heels

I have been thinking about the top heels in the wwe and the top faces and the wwe.the top faces are cena, orton, and punk.I think of ziggler, miz, rhodes, and barret and none of them are even on the same level as the faces.I think wwe needs to do abetter job at legitimizing some of their heel so they can be on the same level as cena,orton, and punk.The wwe is missing that triple h type heel that can inversely sell faces. The wwe has a habit of pushing heels all the way to the moon then let them fall flat on the faces.When miz got his push, I thought the wwe had something with his reign as wwe champ and earning wins over cena and orton, but the miz falls and he probably won't be in any wrestlemania match.Then lets look at Wade Barret who got a huge push as leader of the nexus, instantly facing john cena, but yet again wwe can't capitalize when it comes to legitimizing a heel.When wwe can build a great heel without dropping a them then they'll have something to truly work with.Please give me feedback this is my first blog on this site.

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