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  1. Super Kick 2: Tagging In-Bringing Tag Team Wrestling Back to Life

    Oh, you didn't know?(like really, you didn't know that tag team wrestling sucks nowadays) Your ass better call somebody!!!!

    Hey guys, HB-Dre here with another edition of Super Kick. Thanks for all the feedback on my first Super Kick about revamping WWE's PPV product, but the past is in the past so lets move on to Super Kick 2, and my thoughts on whats wrong with tag team wrestling. ...
  2. Super Kick: Revamping WWE's Pay Per Views

    Hey guys, HB-Dre here with the first, of what I hope to be many more blogs on my views on wrestling, in my weekly Super Kick. I'm new at blogging but have always had a passion for writing, so hopefully that passion comes through as a coherent and well thought out blog that creates some sort of reaction, be it good or bad.

    Today I'm going to bring to you attention my thoughts(maybe ...
    Tags: improvements, ppv, wwe

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