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    I think one thing that would be coll is to surprise us with a new team. Two people you never thought would be a team together, Maybe a Heel and A Face combo say (though this wont happen) Randy Orton is thrown into a Tag team match with his partner Dolph Ziggler...Placed against the current WWE champs in a Non title match. The match would go back n forth Ziggler and orton never really trusting the other. The match wears on, Ziggler has left Randy to the wolves so it seems...He walks part way up the ramp..true heel fashion...Then stops, maybe talks to him self a second, and stalks back to the ring just as Randy kicks out of a strong double team move from the champs...(Maybe a superplex from the top or something, not a finisher.) Ziggler slides into the ring walking to the legal man in the ring...he has his hands up and talks about helping him lay out orton...Orton is slow to get to his feet...Ziggler and champ walk toward orton..Then Ziggler stops..grabs the champ, Picks him up and helps drop him into a perfect looking RKO...Orton Pins and its over...After the match...Ziggler stares down orton...The other half of the champs comes in to check on his partner...Ziggler and Orton both look over..Nod and WHAM lay out the other champ with the same lift to RKO finisher(yes yes it would look like the 3D but whatever) Hell name em Perfect Legends and now you have a out of nowhere team ready to face the champs, after a clean win. I know this may sound stupid but it would be nice...
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    Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes

    good blog by the way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeyboy7777777
    great ideas but john cena losing cleanly won't happen.
    His partner could be pinned.

    I'd like to see Wade Barrett and Christian form a team.
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    great ideas but john cena losing cleanly won't happen.
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    Some teams I wouldn't mind seeing would be, (perfection) Ziggler & Gabriel, (priceless) Dibiase And Rhodes, (Show-Miz) Back together Miz & big show, Christian & Jericho, Booker T & Gold dust. I think those teams would mix Great along with The Uso's Epico and Primo and Curt Hawkins & Reks, Maybe Even Alex Riley and Tyson Kidd.?
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    Love your idea. But I'd replace Boiling point with Elimination Chamber and swap that with Cyber Sunday. Also instead of No Way Out being all cage matches, I'd make them all submission matches which then fits more with the name as in no way out of the hold. Hose are just my thoughts
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    One of the things you have to think about is Vince and what hes created..he despises using past WCW ideas etc..Wrestlemania is the biggest show on earth that he helped "create" and Starrcade was WCW's Wrestlemania.. no way would he help glorify something of not his idea.. Just look at the original ECW and the WWECW..lots of ideads are now being used on weekly based WWE programming like a fans choice night etc.. yes it worked in the past but soon became stale and ppv buys showed..i like the KOTR idea with Sumerslam but it seems too similar to RRumble and Wrestlemania..and Vince dislikes divas and tag team wrestling..which wish would change.. theres so guys to be used.. should start with more gimmick teams for more air time especially with new FCW guys coming more and more and spring cleaning begins!!
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