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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Great blog and great write up. I have a rebuttal for just about everything you said though, but I'm not going to do that. I enjoyed this read. My opinion of The Rock at this point, is my opinion. I was a huge fan of him, but he's not The Rock we knew.

    Great job with the defense though. I enjoyed this.
  2. Kincaid's Avatar
    Love the blog, sir. From a storyline and build-up perspective, the things they had Cena say were all contradictory. If it's all a show, which it most assuredly is, why are people on these forums saying "YEAH! Cena iz right! The Rock don't care about da wrasslin'. GERRRRRRP." YOU PEOPLE DO KNOW ALL OF THIS IS A WORK, CORRECT?!? Sorry. Back to my point: Cena makes movies. Cena wants to be a movie star and since he isn't yet (or probably ever) they are having him verbally bash the Rock with "Hollywood" zingers? That be all fine and dandy if JOHN CENA hadn't flopped up his own celluloid aspirations. Why don't they just continue the feud on a new confrontation/ moment? Rock costs Cena a match. Cena attacks Rock during an interview. HIT EACH OTHER, already! If they hope to make this interesting and not BLAND as always, not to be corny, THE TIME FOR TALKING IS OVER.
  3. daverende5's Avatar
    It was thrash talk, no need to go to deep and serious into it. It is just the way how you want to see it. We'll see what happens as the Rock returns, live at Monday Night Raw!
  4. rodrik's Avatar
    you have some good points but a few things that are incorrect, but I'm not gonna bitch about that, I like the rock in the ring, on the mic and in his movies, but what does bother me is that after he left the wwe, he didn't want people to call him the rock or questions about his wrestling career, he acted like it never existed and that is an insult to his familymembers that were in the wwe, don't get me wrong, I'm not a rock-hater or something like that and I could be wrong, but the point is, sometimes people hate other people because they make decisions and deal with those decisions the wrong way
  5. bartish2's Avatar
    BUDDY YOU NAILED IT!!!!!!!! Cena fans are so clueless they will believe any hypocritical garbage he spits out. Glad you wrote this blog, It gets tiring to have to explain the obvious to people who are too ignorant. Don't need to say anymore because you said everything that needs to be said. Cena's insults are so lame and not well thought out... he looks like a idiot.
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