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    Why does everyone want to see a matchup that we've seen 10 years ago? Why don't people want to see dream matches that we havn't seen before? Have him face top guys in the company who he really never got to work with like Orton.

    I don't want to see Rock/Lesnar again. Especially expecting it to be the main event of Wrestlemania 29. Brock vs Cena....yes it has happened before, but Cena wasn't quite a main event talent than. Lesnar vs Batista would have been great when Batista was around.

    Lesnar vs Taker has happened way too many times to really want to see it over other matches like Cena vs Brock, Brock vs Orton, and so on.
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    good read man, i agree the only way a Rock title run would work is him winning it a month before WM29, bit like when he returned for Vengence 2002 won the title and then lost it next month to the very man your talking about him facing at WM29.. Brock Lesnar,
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    Quote Originally Posted by daverende5
    It was thrash talk, no need to go to deep and serious into it. It is just the way how you want to see it. We'll see what happens as the Rock returns, live at Monday Night Raw!
    tbf i think he may have distance himself from wrestling because he wanted to make it big in hollywood off his own acting skills and name not from a character during his wrestling days.
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    great blog mate i doubt the young kiddy cena fans with agree with you lol
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    Interesting blogs. While I don't agree with your points I want to give you kudos for being well written, and using different things to defend your opinion. A lot of the times someone will say something, and if you try to challenge them, they really don't try to defend it, they just skirt the issue. Anyways, well written blog, but I don't agree
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