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  1. Mr. Excitment's Avatar
    the writers dont care anymore now that it's pg, an unfortunate side effect to Vince being a d-bag
  2. BxmJami3e's Avatar
    Wreestling doesn't need to be blood and swearing. There for one is where i see an improvement, i do agree however with the worsening of the product, this is due to the fact that promo skills are decreasing, and actual in-ring ability is hard to come by. I am thoroughly enjoying the likes of Cody Rhodes and Mr. Ziggles at the moment. But neither one of them will be pushed into the main event mold while it is all too crowded with generic styled wrestlers.
  3. bartish2's Avatar
    It is not too ranty at all, in fact you nailed it lol... poor script writing ...poor booking, lack of caring... and being pg is ruining the product... anyone who watched during the attitude era can vouch for that.

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