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    Hogan vs. Bundy in the cage was a great match, particulary considering it was 1986. Still to this day it's the only main event at WM in a cage. I am a Bundy fan, I will admit, I'm biased somewhat, but everything about that match for me was a win (again, you have to remember it was 1986). I loved Jesse and Elvira doing the commentary too. And yes, King Kong Bundy is a Hall of Famer. Everyone lavishes Wrestlemania 1 for being the revolutionary show hat started the franchise, people forget, had Wrestlemania 2 failed there wouldn't have been a 3, 4, 5, etc. as well. Wrestlemania 2 was booked (I mean the literall bookiing of the arenas here) perhaps as bad as any WWF show has ever been booked, with the three separate venues... terrible idea. But the idea of seeing Hogan taking on Bundy in the cage during the golden era of the apexing Hulkamania craze of the mid 80s, which reached its zenith the moment Hogan slammed Andre at WM 3, was a hot ticket no way would it fail -- and the match lived up to the hype.

    Hogan vs. Piper would have been the ideal main even at 1, yeah, maybe. But for Vince's vision to materialize a celeb needed to be included, and Hogan and Mr. T will still riding the wave that was the monumental success whih was Rocky III in early 1985. Roddy Piper could have squared off against Mr. T one-on-one at WM 1 in a boxing match, which was exactly what they did at WM 2, and it still would have been a success ... but the ideal main event at WM 1 for me, if I could re-write history, would have been: Hulk Hogan vs. Bruno.

    Bruno was at the show, he seconded his son in his match against Brutus. Bruno still had a few more years in the tank ... he was still main eventing cards against Randy Savage in 1987. It would have been the most iconic match imaginable - Hogan vs Bruno at the Garden. As a wrestling fan I get the shivers just thinking about it. But, oh well, business is business.

    LT vs. Bam Bam was pretty lame, I'll have to admit it.

    The Sid-Hogan match wasn't that bad.

    The second Rock vs Cena match last year was pretty bad. That should be on the top 10.

    The fatal 4 way main event in 2000 with Big Show-Mankind-HHH and The Rock was a dud.

    But the lamest WM main event ever, imo, has to be the Brock vs. Goldberg match at WM20. It was double-billed with the Benoit-HHH-HBK co-main event match, but as big of a Brock Lesnar fan I am, that match was terrible. and for a plethora of reasons. The dumbest part of the whole debaccle was the best part, when Austin stunned both Billy and Brock. Pretty awful.
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    Although it was the most iconic, the worst "wrestling" ME match at WM will always undoubtedly be Andre vs Hogan for me.
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    With the exception of Hogan/Slaughter, I'd say you're pretty spot on. While Hogan/Slaughter certainly didn't break the mould, I thought it was a pretty solid Hogan match. Plus, the super hot crowd made it much more entertaining.

    I don't see how you couldn't have enjoyed Savage/Warrior, though. That was one of the best matches that both men have ever been in. Certainly one of Warriors best.
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    I posted this the 19th, but it was never posted. I deleted it today and posted it again. I contacted website about not being posted for several days, but never did end up being posted. Sorry about the delay. As far as the tag titles that changed hands during live events with The Wolves.....I certainly would have had them won their first tag titles on a bigger stage. Not just some random show so fans "can't miss" impact365. Havn't been on the roster long enough for us fans to even give a damn with they win the titles or not.
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    I think Cena/Undertaker really needs to happen this year. Never know if Taker will be able to wrestle next year, and it would be a blown opportunity to not match these two up. Not only would it be an amazing build-up, but Cena is the one guy on the roster who anyone could see actually beating Taker. I don't think they would have a semi part-timer (Brock) beat him if he doesn't plan on being around much longer. I also don't think they would have a fresh face such as Reigns, Wyatt, or Cesaro beat him either. Cena's the ONE guy who would put Taker's streak in doubt. He's been the face for a long time, and he's not going anywhere soon. I don't necessarily think Cena would win, but it would sure be exciting. Could you imagine the crowd during that match????
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    I'm going to agree with all three possibilities. Regardless of the outcome, I'm dreading the fact that I'm going to have to endure watching Batista walk out of Mania as the champ. Despite wanting to see Sting vs Taker, or even Cena/Taker for that matter (headlining the show), I highly doubt it will happen. The E' tends to give us the foreseeable outcome every chance they get. I personally think come Feb.24th, we'll be able to foretell the Mania main event.

    Good blog. I kind of miss the lack of interest the blogging section use to get on this site. I wish they'd showcase it on the main page like they use to. The editorial section is nice to read, and I'm not taking anything away from the writers, I just miss reading actual blogs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    I agree with all of these possibilities...In fact, you could probably mix and match them to have 3 potential Main Events...which is what Wrestlemania usually is. I love the idea of Brock vs Batista, I love the idea of Sting vs Undertaker or Cena vs Undertaker, and throw in Daniel Bryan vs HHH...that's a strong top of the card. The Undertaker match obviously being the one that closes the show.
    If Taker faces Sting or Cena....he should go on last. I actually would prefer it that way with Mania being #30. Rather see him than Batista celebrating winning the championship. However, if Bryan wins world title at Mania, I wouldn't mind that going last.

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