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    Two that are WAY too high on your list and I question if they belong on this list at all are Triple H vs Jericho (X8) and Randy Orton vs Triple H (25).

    The primary reason you cited for both is that you felt the Hogan-Rock and Taker-HBK matches should have gone on last, and with this I'll respectfully disagree. Not because I'm trying to diminish the importance of those matches, but rather because I do not think that the WWE Championship should be diminished in any way, at the biggest show of the year. I'm an "old school" fan - and so I always have felt that the champion should go on last at Wrestlemania, no matter what else is on the card. I think this would retain the importance of the title, and would (hopefully) keep the title off less worthy performers (yes, Miz, I'm talking to you).

    I don't agree that either match "failed" as the main event because they didn't belong at the top of the card. In hindsight, its easy to point at both Hogan-Rock or Taker-HBK and say they should have gone on last. But at the time, I think the company was giving the proper recognition to the championship.

    Having watched it again recently, I don't feel Jericho-Triple H was a flop by any stretch. The return of Triple H was very well done, as its regularly mentioned as one of the biggest returns in WWE history. Jericho was a top talent at or near the top of his game. The breakup of Triple H and Stephanie was also well done. Her pairing with Jericho was a natural heat magnet. I won't say that they had a 5 star classic, but I thought the match was very good. Triple H hitting the pedigree on Stephanie and winning the title was a nice exclamation point to a good show. I don't recall at all, the crowd being dead or flat for that main event at WMX8. If anything, they were ready for Stephanie to get hers, and they got the payoff.

    I felt then (and even more so since) that putting Hogan and Rock in the main event would have been a mistake. That sends a bad message. WWe would basically be telling the egomaniacal Hogan (fresh off the demise of WCW and the Monday Night Wars), that all he had to do was come back and he would always be in the Wrestlemania main event. The match was certainly a top attraction but it shouldn't have been the main event. Hogan needed to see that he was a part of the show, he was no longer THE show. Nostalgia has its place certainly - but in 2002 - it shouldn't have been in the main event of Wrestlemania.

    As for WM25 - I was in a unique position, cause I was actually in Reliant Stadium for this show. The Taker-HBK match was obviously an instant classic and certainly among the best Wrestlemania matches of all time. But at that time - going INTO that event - I don't think anyone could have guessed that it would be THAT good.

    Still, the Orton-Triple H match had a much, much better build than Taker-HBK. In fact, that was one of the better main event builds I can recall in a long time. The story with Orton and the McMahons was extremely well done and compelling, and it made the story more dramatic, even though we'd seen them face off in the past. What hurt that match was the stupid gimmick of Triple H losing the title if he got DQ'd. This story was so well built, that what the payoff should have been, was a physical match that turned into an all-out brawl between these two. It would have generated the payoff we wanted, which was to see Orton get his ass kicked once and for all. So the creative of that actualy did it no favors, it was poorly constructed. But that entire second half of the show was affected by the brilliance of the Taker-HBK classic.

    The crowd was exhausted. It was such an emotional roller coaster and had us all on the edge of our seats. By the time it was over, the crowd was drained. And every match that followed it suffered in comparison. I remember walking out and everyone was still talking about Taker-HBK.That was a unique, once in a lifetime moment that nobody could have predicted. We all expected them to have a great match, but I don't think anyone felt going in, that it would be what it was. Its easy to say that in hindsight now, but not on that day.

    Some of your choices are fairly obvious no-brainers, but I don't agree with those 2 matches being amond the "worst" main events of all-time. They were in unique positions for sure, having to follow two extremely popular matches, but they were where the WWE championship should always be - the main event.
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    Nice list. I pretty much agree with it all, with the exception of the John Cena/Miz match being #1 Worst WM Main Event. I don't care about fan reaction because fans are idiots. The build to the match was decent. At the time, WWE lacked top guys...(they still do even though I'm not gonna go there right now)...and it was Miz's turn. He got a decent pop when his music hit and he cashed in. It was one of the better cash ins. The match itself was overshadowed by The Rock, but overall, their match wasn't terrible. I wouldn't even have it on my top ten, certainly not #1. This year's will be #1 if you do this same blog next month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandy Ravage
    Hogan vs. Bundy in the cage was a great match, particulary considering it was 1986. Still to this day it's the only main event at WM in a cage. I am a Bundy fan, I will admit, I'm biased somewhat, but everything about that match for me was a win (again, you have to remember it was 1986). I loved Jesse and Elvira doing the commentary too. And yes, King Kong Bundy is a Hall of Famer. Everyone lavishes Wrestlemania 1 for being the revolutionary show hat started the franchise, people forget, had Wrestlemania 2 failed there wouldn't have been a 3, 4, 5, etc. as well. Wrestlemania 2 was booked (I mean the literall bookiing of the arenas here) perhaps as bad as any WWF show has ever been booked, with the three separate venues... terrible idea. But the idea of seeing Hogan taking on Bundy in the cage during the golden era of the apexing Hulkamania craze of the mid 80s, which reached its zenith the moment Hogan slammed Andre at WM 3, was a hot ticket no way would it fail -- and the match lived up to the hype.

    Hogan vs. Piper would have been the ideal main even at 1, yeah, maybe. But for Vince's vision to materialize a celeb needed to be included, and Hogan and Mr. T will still riding the wave that was the monumental success whih was Rocky III in early 1985. Roddy Piper could have squared off against Mr. T one-on-one at WM 1 in a boxing match, which was exactly what they did at WM 2, and it still would have been a success ... but the ideal main event at WM 1 for me, if I could re-write history, would have been: Hulk Hogan vs. Bruno.

    Bruno was at the show, he seconded his son in his match against Brutus. Bruno still had a few more years in the tank ... he was still main eventing cards against Randy Savage in 1987. It would have been the most iconic match imaginable - Hogan vs Bruno at the Garden. As a wrestling fan I get the shivers just thinking about it. But, oh well, business is business.

    LT vs. Bam Bam was pretty lame, I'll have to admit it.

    The Sid-Hogan match wasn't that bad.

    The second Rock vs Cena match last year was pretty bad. That should be on the top 10.

    The fatal 4 way main event in 2000 with Big Show-Mankind-HHH and The Rock was a dud.

    But the lamest WM main event ever, imo, has to be the Brock vs. Goldberg match at WM20. It was double-billed with the Benoit-HHH-HBK co-main event match, but as big of a Brock Lesnar fan I am, that match was terrible. and for a plethora of reasons. The dumbest part of the whole debaccle was the best part, when Austin stunned both Billy and Brock. Pretty awful.
    I didn't live through that period. That could be why my distaste for the match between the two. Seems to always be overlooked and it wasn't a match I really liked.

    Hogan vs Bruno wasn't really an option. Bruno believes he was asked to come back because Hogan couldn't sell out the garden. He says today, he wouldn't have came back if he knew they were going to do with his son like they did. They wanted a package deal or they weren't going to let Bruno's son wrestle which is why he returned also. Obviously, Bruno didn't respect Hogan obviously in the ring and selling out arenas. You actually believe he would have came back to put over Hogan? I don't believe that. He only came back for WM1 for his son. He got out because he didn't want his name attached the steroids he knew was happening at the time. As far as Bruno/Savage, I figure he respected Savage as far as a in ring competitor more so than he did Hogan.

    Sid vs Hogan ended in DQ I believe than we saw papa shango come out only for Warrior to return. Yea, Hogan vs Flair wouldn't have been better.

    As far as in ring match, Rock vs Cena sucked, but as far as intrigue with the top prize on the line in their 2nd meeting in NY(NJ). People crap on it, but I wanted to see that 2nd match only because I wanted to see Cena get his win back.

    Again, I'm a minority in the fatal 4 way match. The buildup was great leading up to that match. Even having that triple threat WWF title match on Raw, announcing Foley's return after being retired by HHH. I could go on and on about how great the build up was that I enjoyed. People crap on it because McMahons involvement which was only announced that all would be in each corner like the final week before Mania. Buildup from beginning of January to WM2000 was genius. Not everyone likes elimination style matches like I do as they take too long. It could and should have been better, but my heart was in that match where I gave a crap who won and who lost more than just about any main event in the history.

    Brock vs Goldberg would be billed on here if it were in fact the main event of WM20, but it wasn't. Main Event is billed at least in this blog as the last match of the show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kajmere
    Brock-Goldberg sucked, but this blog was clearly referring to the final matches of the show.
    Thank you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Piers
    With the exception of Hogan/Slaughter, I'd say you're pretty spot on. While Hogan/Slaughter certainly didn't break the mould, I thought it was a pretty solid Hogan match. Plus, the super hot crowd made it much more entertaining.

    I don't see how you couldn't have enjoyed Savage/Warrior, though. That was one of the best matches that both men have ever been in. Certainly one of Warriors best.
    The 5 elbows really just pissed me off. LOL! I was thinking, are you kidding me? Not doubting being one of the best Warrior had because his ring work speaks for itself. Such a huge Savage fan to see that use of him just to make Warrior look even stronger. Just made me roll my eyes.

    Now if you are talking crowd reaction and stuff.....yea it was great. I knew some wouldn't like the idea of that match being on the list based on the heat it got from death threats and everything else. Just wasn't a huge Slaughter fan. When you talk about Mania, Slaughter vs Hogan just isn't a match or WM7 in particular I'd go back to and say what a great event/match.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kajmere
    Although it was the most iconic, the worst "wrestling" ME match at WM will always undoubtedly be Andre vs Hogan for me.
    It certainly is up there for wrestling terms. The hype, build, and so forth is what I'm going by. I mean look at Hogan/Sting 97. No match since I began to watch pro wrestling as a kid I was more pumped and ready to see than that Starrcade match. Yet, the match didn't exactly wow anyone when they clashed at the ppv inside the squared circle.
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    Brock-Goldberg sucked, but this blog was clearly referring to the final matches of the show.

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