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  1. Renevious's Avatar
    I have to admit that I didn't read every comment before posting this, but I think one big factor is being missed. Some finishers would hurt like hell (or even kill a person) if done in real life, but some would also do the same to the person performing the move as well. And I think those would have to be stricken from the list. I mean, sure it would hurt like hell for someone to receive a frog splash, but I think the person jumping off the top rope into another human being belly first would probably get the worst of it.
  2. Gameover's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by samwrigz
    Glam Slam, must be the only diva finisher that hurts!

    I think Layla's neckbreaker could also do much damage.
  3. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    The GTS would break your nose every time.
  4. samwrigz's Avatar
    Glam Slam, must be the only diva finisher that hurts!
  5. knox's Avatar
    MVP's Drive By Kick
  6. Double Axehandle's Avatar
    The FU or AA as it is now called. Cena basically can apply this to anyone because of his freakish strength. Firemans carrying into an inverted slam would hurt. If cena did this on concrete and botched you could be paralyzed.
  7. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    How about the Black Out from Seth Rollins? Or Punk's high kick?

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