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  1. Deepi's Avatar
    TNA is slowly killing the KO Division & they have themselves to blame. This division was great, really worked hard & really put TNA on the map and had the highest ratings, but now, its awful & useless!

    I doubt AK will return as she left the company over money issues that TNA refused to pay her, so she is out of the card as a return gal!

    Great blog!
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Gr8 Blog and I like your list with just one difference Gail @ #2 BP @ #3

    there were days where knock outs out performed gr8s like Kurt n Sting...

    but of late they r dropping their ball on them..they should revive it..n I do not understand what the hell that Brooke is bringing to the table...
  3. TheGreatBlueski's Avatar
    TNA's killing the Knockouts Dvision imo. They pay Brooke Hogan money for whatever she's supposed to bring to the table and the BP walk cos they weren't even getting a reasonable offer money wise. Bad bad business TNA. I'm a bit of a Kong mark and I hope she'll come back to TNA but I doubt it. I think she'll take a year out and then go back to New York. I know Vinny smells money on Kong but she needs time to get herself back together after her tragedy. Good blog, brother, from one Great to another lol.
  4. body slam's Avatar
    Great list! There are several names that could go in the 5 and 4 spots, but I'm cool with Roxxi and ODB.

    TNA seriously needs to get the knockout division back on track.
  5. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    Beautiful blog bro! I agree with every single word, its sad that TNA has dropped the ball with the Knock Outs lately. Hopefully Kong will return, the ODB-E.Y. storyline will end & my favorite mean blondes will return to give makeovers again.
  6. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Azagthoth
    Honestly Believe that Raven Should Be In This List, The Storyline Alone Leading Up to Raven Winning The Title Was Far More Intense Than. Christian winning the Gold, and Aj Winning In 09. among some the other one you picked, Honestly The Aj Retiring Sting.. How is that a great moment... at best it would been a horrible moment
    Anyone who loved Sting as I did from his WCW days would want him to retire. I believe his legacy has been hurt because of it. Like I said, it was a passing of the torch type of moment.
  7. darkknightrisen's Avatar
    James storm beats kurt angle for the title. A genuine surprise on the night, a perfectly executed angle (no pun intented), and one of the most heartfelt crowd pops I've ever heard.

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