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I speak my opinion based on how I believe it should be. Been a fan of wrestling for over a half a decade. I've seen some great and bad moments in the world of pro wrestling. I'm a fan of ROH, TNA, and WWE currently. I will be blogging about them and deciding to do blogs such as top 10s, next ppv coming up, and so on.

  1. Top 10 Ladder matches in WWE history!!

    I'm going to exclude TLC matches which include Cena vs Edge and Summerslam 2000. Don't expect to see those matches on here. Just pure ladder matches!! This is my opinion of the top 10 greatest Ladder matches in history. If you get no wow factor from the crowd or are probably going to be very low on this list. So here we go:

    1.Wrestlemania 2000 Triangle Ladder match-Hardyz, Dudleyz, ...
  2. 5 Under-rated Wrestlemania moments

    When you think of Wrestlemania, you always think of the Hogan slam, Michaels entrance from WM12, stars winning first championships and so on. Some moments are overlooked and probably shouldn't be. Name 5 under-rated Wrestlemania moments:

    WM2: Piper slams Mr.T-The 2 faced off in a boxing match. Roddy and Mr.T didn't like each other in real life and on TV. Piper made a big statement that ...

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  3. My least favorite moments in Wrestlemania history!!

    I had biggest moments in last blog which is why I'm going to do a counterpart of my least favorite moments in Wrestlemania history. Examples of least favorite moments would be fav superstar losing, botches, and so on. Stuff that you wish didn't happen. I'll do 10 least fav moments.....1-27 numbering:

    WM9:Hogan wins WWE title-He wins it in less than a minute after the featured main event ...

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  4. 10 Biggest moments in Wrestlemania history!!

    Let me first state that by biggest moments doesn't mean biggest or best matches. Biggest moments in Wrestlemania history!! Not going to number them because you can always argue that. I'll just add them from 1-27 numbering. Wrestlemania 1 was a big moment obviously which is why I left it off because every first of any annual event is big. Here is 10 biggest moments in Wrestlemania history!!

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    Thoughts and Opinions

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