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I speak my opinion based on how I believe it should be. Been a fan of wrestling for over a half a decade. I've seen some great and bad moments in the world of pro wrestling. I'm a fan of ROH, TNA, and WWE currently. I will be blogging about them and deciding to do blogs such as top 10s, next ppv coming up, and so on.

  1. Top 10 Diva rivalries ever

    A couple of weeks ago on this site, I read a blog about Divas asking for something different other than John Cena, Lesnar, and so forth blogs. I decided to do some research so I can create a positive blog on the Divas history in WWE. Go as far as best rivalries and matches/moments in the WWE history. A reminder, I'm not going to have men vs women rivalries on here such as Chyna vs Jarrett or Jericho ...

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  2. Midcard Championships Should Mean Something

    Ever wonder why ratings are down, ppv #s arn't good, and so on? I used to remember a time when everything on the show mattered. Not just the main event or guys like Stone Cold, Rock, HHH, and so on. I wanted to see the whole show of Raw. Not just the main event. Now days that is the only air time you get. That is all that WWE focuses on.

    If WWE would focus on every aspect of the company ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions

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