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I speak my opinion based on how I believe it should be. Been a fan of wrestling for over a half a decade. I've seen some great and bad moments in the world of pro wrestling. I'm a fan of ROH, TNA, and WWE currently. I will be blogging about them and deciding to do blogs such as top 10s, next ppv coming up, and so on.

  1. TNA Knockout Division Special. 5 Knockouts in the History of TNA

    In 2007 Bound For Glory ppv event, TNA began a division of women wrestlers. They would call it a Knockouts division. It has died down over the years. Not as great as it once was. For those who may not know, the Knockouts used to get the highest ratings of the show for TNA every single week. Even with guys like Angle, Sting, and so forth. The highest rated part of the show was when they were having ...

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