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    Good point, I never thought of the commercial aspect of product placement etc. however I think JBL has used tout a couple of times on his expeditions, and so I can see him placing and selling the product. Dan_rick have you see Byron Saxton's work on NXT, I think its great, and I can see him being a great all rounder, similar to Cole, just more interesting and emotive. Finally, it must be worth bringing back AW...onto commentary....and create chaos.
  2. dan_rick's Avatar
    This would have been better on a furniture forum. Nah just kidding I agree. The problem is I just can't see Regal or JBL plugging Tout or anything commercial for that matter. Queue the Miz one day.
  3. searle's Avatar
    fair play to u mate, uve fully thought it through and i think its a really good idea but i cant see it happening, they just dont seem to care about the division i mean like playboy says theres alot of mediocre single stars but if u put some of them together ud av some great teams but it seems like they just dont care about tag team division, shame really.
  4. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    Sounds promising, but my opinion on why the Tag Team Division is so irrelevant is because the WWE has too many single titles and too many single stars.

    If the WWE would unify a lot of their titles it would give some of the stars who were not really ready to be a singles champion a chance to be in a tag team.

    Main augment I always hear to NOT unify the titles, is that if their are too many stars not to have as many championships that they do now in the WWE. Not true. If they placed a lot of their mid carders in tag teams it would resurrect the Tag Team Division. Not everybody was meant to be a singles star.

    I'd love to see them resurrect the old school type Jim Crockett tag team cup tournament in the WWE. Call it the McMahon tag team cup tournament or something.

    Too Many Singles Championship = Too many mediocre single stars and championships

    Too many mediocre single stars and championships = Not enough Teams, thus it hurts the Tag Team Division.

    The proof is in the current state to WWE Tag Team Division.
  5. DonzelDomination's Avatar
    That actually sounds awesome
  6. akbar's Avatar
    Holy shit, you fully thought this whole thing through out LOL, detail and everything as well...
  7. blink's Avatar
    Now how did I know that as soon as I saw the KoW in a king of the ring tournament that they would win? Lol
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