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  1. WWE - The Next Generation: Announcers

    Hi EWN,

    Now before you begin reading the main blog, just a disclaimer; I am not 'Anti' JR or king or Cole, I think they have done a marvelous job over the past years. This is just a portrayal of my current thoughts on announcing in the WWE.

    Wasn't sure whether or not to post this as a blog or as a forum topic, but in my head I have alot to say on the matter, so it may ...
  2. Destroy the Tag Division - A Possible Rescue

    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first Blog so please feel free to leave feedback and comments.

    I would like to re visit a topic I feel has been repeatedly covered by different people saying the exact same thing. This topic is the WWE Tag Team Division.

    Now I would firstly like to thank everyone who has ever posted a blog on this topic. I think that you all have pointed

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