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  1. VincemcMahon's Avatar
    [IMG][/IMG]I preferred Sheamus as the celtic warrior, as i am from Cabra 5 minutes from his Ma's house,
    i also found it funny when Michael Cole referenced our real celtic warrior cuchullain (pronounced coo chullan) MC called him cuckoo lane lol


    This is cuchullain killing a wolf with a sliotar (irish hockey puck)
  2. sonicwolfen's Avatar
    Yeah Deadly when i posted it the title was just "the singles champions" but i guess whoever approves the blogs decided to add those names and leave out Cody Rhodes, making me look silly.
  3. Viperfish's Avatar
    I think the biggest problem with Punk being stale right now is that the authority is busy with someone else. A character bucking authority has always made for incredible ratings. NWO did it and Steve Austin did it. Cena and Lesnar's got the authority on them(Johnny Ace and Triple H), so that leaves Punk with nobody but other wrestlers to feud with. I'd prefer that Punk wrestles actual wrestlers than to get into gimmick matches like one against Johnny Ace, but the whole reason why Punk got a massive push was because he bucked authority with the promo and the few weeks right after it.
  4. Jason McQuitty's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by deadly56
    OK, blog but you missed the Tag Team Champions, and you forgot to mention Cody in you're Title.
    He said he wasn't going to cover the tag team or diva's belt.

    I enjoyed the read...nice .
  5. deadly56's Avatar
    OK, blog but you missed the Tag Team Champions, and you forgot to mention Cody in you're Title.
  6. Peterjb1980's Avatar
    So Many Great Themes Of WWE stars But My Favourite Was The Demolition Theme I Think It Was A Great Theme.

    Here Comes The Axe, Here Comes The Smasher The Demoltion Walking Desasters . Great Theme.
  7. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    The Ministry of Darkness theme was awesome... that guitar riff was great. I also LOVED the Super Heavyweights theme song (Bob & Crash Holly). When I was a teenager, learning how to play the guitar, one of the first songs I mastered (both on the guitar and bass) was Demolition's theme. Also, DiBiase's Money Inc. theme was great. That theme dominated the early days of RAW as well as the PPVs of that era. LOVED that theme.
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