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    Thanks for the feedback guys much appreciated! I have added the links to the promo vids cheers for the tip!
    Stay tuned for part 2 and as always any feedback... Just bring it!
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    Damn good Blog!!

    As told before, I must congratulate you on a job well done making a fine recap of those build-ups.
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    HBK vs Taker2 Wrestlemania26 promo

    HHH vs Taker Wrestlemania28 promo

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    I got to say, you really are a good at giving recaps and adding you're own 2 cents in. Over the years no one was really acknowledging how big of streak Taker had, but I would say ever since his match with Orton, that's when the streak was becoming a big deal. Shawn and HHH, I would say have greatly pushed, that the streak is a very big deal. Now the streak has gotten, so huge it's obvious no one will be able to defeat Undertaker. But their is a chance when Undertaker is at his last Wrestlemania the person that could face him, might be given the privilege to defeat him.

    Anyway there is one thing, that I think you're blog is missing and that is maybe you could show the promos of the feuds. But no need to worry that's when I come in.
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    True, but what Cena needs to realize is that he is supposed to entertain people and he is failing to do that, for the most part, changing personas and portraying a fictional character is a sports entertainer's job, and it should not interfere at all with all his charity work. Cena wants to just be himself and that is not what this business is about, everyone needs to realize this.

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