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  1. Keith Stone's Avatar
    and when any wrestler gets paired with Kane at Wrestlemania it usally means management has nothing forthem during Wrestlemania and the Kane match is kind of where they place you. its just not that important to have in the card
  2. Keith Stone's Avatar
    the first three are gonna what WWE truly wants as their main card. There not going to be Cena/Rock 2 it was once in a lifetime and with the losing streak Cena has developed I seen WWE pairing him against the Undertaker no other way. Brocks gonna be the heel champion and beat CM Punk at the royal rumble and at that same PPV the rock will make a surprise appearance and win the rumble to face Brock. Without the title Punk would be able to feud with Stone Cold because realistically nobodys gonna believe it to be a legit title match kinda like the rock Cena match this year. Chris Jericho wont be with the WWE by the time WM29 happens. I also like Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio in a retirement match and Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Daniel Bryan for the world title
  3. christianfan's Avatar
    My dream match is Bryan vs Christian for the WHC.
    Dream card is ok...
  4. Extremo's Avatar
    Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara: Mask vs Career anyone?
  5. darkrage's Avatar
    i would like rock vs brock at wm 29 but if its for the title then the rock needs todo a part time schedule also he cant just come back after not wrestling since wm28 and get a title shot atleast have him came back in dec cut some promos have a match or 2 then win the rumble the next month or better yet have it come down to rock and ziggler as the final 2 rock tosses ziggler out but ziggler pulls a hbk and skins the cat rock is on the turnbuckle raising his arms and bam ziggler pushes him over then at EC rock wins the #1 contender spot or title then faces brock at wm29 this way ziggler gets a big push and his wm29 moment and all the cry babies in the back can stop crying about the rock not putting anyone over
  6. Tribe's Avatar
    I was pleasantly surprised I enjoyed the Rock vs Cena as I will admit I liked both but was never a super fan of either men.

    BUT ...

    100% agree with Stone Cold vs CM Punk. Will we ever see it happen I really hope so, time will tell if we ever see this match happen. I loved Steve Austin even before he took the wrestling world by storm. I loved watching CM Punk in his ROH days and I have always been a huge fan of both so for me this is my dream match. Let's hope it does happen one day!!
  7. AndyWonder's Avatar
    Tensai vs. Kane would be awesome. I wonder if there could be Tensai vs. Undertaker.
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