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  1. Ruining The Rock vs John Cena Part II

    This weeks Raw had several segments featuring The Rock & John Cena and this week I think without a doubt that The Rock came out on top. His first segment where he was at the Boston Harbor throwing John Cena merchandise into the Harbor was hilarious, especially the part with the midget jean shorts. Cena on the other hand yet again showed why we the fans dont like who he is.

  2. Ruining The Rock vs John Cena Wrestlemania

    Last week on Raw John Cena came out during The Rocks promo to cut him down and throw some shots back at him. The part most talked about was the fact Cena pointed out that Rocky had some promo notes written on his wrist. Fast forward a couple of days and news spreads that the entire 'notes' shot was a work and the reason behind it is that the WWE is wanting The Rock ...

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