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  1. illmat's Avatar
    It won't matter who wins because both have some type of hate or disdain on them. I'm hoping the WWE pulls off a shocker and somehow CM Punk comes out after winning his match earlier in the night and finishes both of them with a GTS. Then the next night, he explains his actions with another shoot promo which promps The Rock and John Cena to come out trying to get revenge before The Rock turns on Cena and Rock Bottoms Cena. The Rock shakes Punk's hand and walks off. That leaves Cena in the ring down and CM Punk proclaiming "I am the best wrestler in the world." It's a dream that hopefully comes true.
  2. AndyWonder's Avatar
    I can see the no respect thing. It's happened since the 80s when it felt like vince punished crossed over stars for not starting career in WWF/E.
  3. Austinfan's Avatar
    WWE does not deserve Sting. Period.
  4. AlexWorldOrder's Avatar
    A part of being a Sting fan, is the the respect he gets for never joining the other company, and yet achieving so much success and popularity. I believe the only way Sting will join, is if Vince promotes TNA, or does some sort of invasion storyline for them, without screwing them over. Vince has screwed so many people over, that it's hard for a guy like Sting, who's already set when it comes to money, to even believe Vince would do something THAT nice, in order to come to an agreement. In his latest interview, he clearly stated that he wants to stay in TNA to watch it succeed.. I'm sure that at this point in his career, watching something you love grow the way TNA is growing right now, is far more fulfilling than collecting a ton of cash you don't really need, and going against everything you believe. Good for him.
  5. Jtpearl's Avatar
    You do know that Booker had a great run with his King Booker character, as well as a fun feud with Stone Cold right? He's done a lot more in the company then just put over Cody.
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    For instance...take Booker T...he's such a legend...n he was made to lose against Cody..I know that helps cody to grow...then, why only booker?? will HHH do that??? Why HHH somehow make a storyline with Cody n lose him......NO he'll never....

    For me Booker is gr8er than HHH for he never was the son-in-;aw of any promotion's owner be it WCW or WWE n still won so many accolades...
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    apart frm sting being a gr8 wrestler..n one of the all time gr8s...i respect him more for never being a part of the biggest promotion on the planet n yet became so over with the ppl all over the globe n became an ikon....i wud always love to see taker/sting...but, fact is fact..IT WILL NOT HAPPEN...wat do u think STing's only mtch in WWE to be a losing one?? do u think WWE allow sting to defeat Taker thus losing credibility?? NO...

    n moreover....Sting is right when he said WCW wrestlers were not treated well..
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