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  1. SHW's Avatar
    damn...great read dude.

    i agree 100% with you assessment on our attention spans...wait what was i saying?

    anyway, yes, we are always looking for, "the next big thing", and missing what is right in front of us.

    we compare superstars of today to legends, we romanticize about the past, and are too quick to judge if a gimmick will work or not.

    i mean look at some of these 2 legends :

    hogan mimicked superstar billy grahams look and personality
    ric flair took buddy rodgers nickname, finishing move, and personality.

    now because a guy is intense he gets called "goldberg"? i fail to see the similarities between goldberg and ryback.

    now if ryback came out with black shorts, boots, goatee, smoke, used a spear and jackhammer...i could see it.

    but why do we not chastise flair and hogan for taking others gimmicks after they retired?
  2. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I stopped reading spoilers and news a while back now, I simply use this site to blog on Raw every Monday.

    I completely agree the IWC ruins sports entertainment. If you find out the results you take away half of the entertainment value (the retained half being that of the athletic feats). You wouldn't watch a football match after finding out the result unless you heard there was some kind of superhuman feat involved, and the same goes for pro-wrestling.

    Also, a large majority of the IWC are partly responsible for the rise to TV of Zack Ryder - point made.
  3. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    I completely agree. Dirtsheets have ruined so many big supprises for me in the past. Now I make sure I don't look at any dirtsheets when I'm watching an up-and-coming wrestlin event.
    Anyother thing the IWC ruins is people's oppinions of wrestlers. So many times I've noticed my opinion of a wrestler effected by what others say online. You know what? I think Lord Tensai and Mason Ryan are fuckin' brilliant I couldn't care less what anyone else has to say.

    Imagine if the IWC would have been around during the Hogan era... He'd be just as hated as Cena is now. Imagine when Undertaker debuted.... Everyone would have bee crying out at the silly zombie gimmick! Now we're all linked up to each other's opinions, our own ones are watered down.

    Note - TNA did a brilliant job of keeping Angle's signing a secret from the dirtsheets, I remember actually being shocked when he debuted. Same goes for Nash and Booker-T's returns to WWE in 2011.

    Reading wrestling spoilers, for me unfortunatly has become something of a foul addiction...
  4. willy316's Avatar
    Will say this. With the way WWE is churning out crappy programs and poor story lines, it saves time to read and find out about the crap rather than actually sit and waste 2 hours of our time watching the crap they dish out.
    Good blog mate !!
  5. Bagg's Avatar
    I just want to say man, REALLY well written blog. Now regarding the writers changing things on the fly to dupe the IWC, I dont think we can necessarily be blamed for this. I think this whole heartedly rests on the company. Just because some bloggers think that Kharma is coming in to take the title from the Bellas, doesnt mean they have to do a 180 and put leyla out there, to a DEAD reaction, as an example. They back themselves into a huge corner doing things like this because they make it so nothing makes sense.

    I agree with you to an extent on not wanting to know when things are happening and how things end, ever since jericho showed up on raw the first time and i thought "what if i was sitting there, with NO idea, and that titantron lit up with his name, I may have had a stroke". So it certainly changed a lot of things but i wouldnt necessarily say its all for the worse. Case in point, we all had a pretty good idea lesnar was showing up on raw. So....I watched it. I knew from spoilers that Antonio Cesaro was debuting on smackdown a few weeks back, so.....I watched it. I knew in the lesnar/big show match years ago on smackdown that the ring "collapsed" in their watched it. I may not have

    So in short, i agree on some of your points, but i think others really help out. I mean, one of the best angles of the last decade, something with real emotion and soul, Edge vs. Matt hardy, evolved from something that WE knew. Otherwise, if it wasnt for the internet, the case could be made that Hardy would never have come back and we wouldnt have gotten that sick feud. While you cant harness talent, i think the IWC had a lot to do with the recent pushes of Punk and Daniel Bryan. And this whole King Mo situation in TNA, i have no idea who the guy is. But ill tell you what ill do, ill youtube this guy and find out a ton more about him, so ill know more when he does show up. Theres a lot of plusses and a lot of minuses but for me, im happy with where things are.
  6. Marx's Avatar
    It's a snake biting it's own tail. I get bummed out by the negativity. The companies can't do anything without the IWC moaning, not in a 'they could have done that better'-kinda way, but in a 'wrestling is dead that was shit I hope Orton/Cena/insert name curls up and dies'.

    I like a lot of thing WWE and TNA are doing right now, and dislike a lot, and like to read other people's opinion about it. And I am very interested in the workings of the business, I like the autobiographies and 'looking-back' dvd's.

    To keep up, I read the news, read the blogs. On the other side: the negativity bums me out and spoils my fun. But I read anyway, because it's a habit that's hard to kick.
  7. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    this blog is a good reason for me to try not to read all the spoilersXD
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