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  1. The Cena/Rock Conundrum

    Coming off the heals of John Cena's "shoot" aimed at The Rock last night, I feel that this match has become more polarizing than perhaps the WWE had anticipated.

    And this may not be a good thing at the end of the day.

    In regards to Cena's promo last night, I find it ironic that it has been reported what Cena said was being echoed back stage by many of the other ...
  2. The Sting/WWE solution

    The conclusions I've come to regarding Sting and his desire/lack there of to join the WWE are as follows:

    1) Sting does not want to work a WWE schedule
    2) Sting HAD resentment towards the WWE for the lack of respect they gave to the WCW wrestlers during the brand fusion
    3) Sting regrets not being apart of at least 1 Wrestlemania
    4) Sting has a strong loyalty for Dixie ...

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