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    If you hate Cena that much....Why don't you turn the channel when his music hits? According to regular haters, his promos are always the same and boring.

    Cena does what WWE asks him to do. It is WWEs fault more so than him for not losing as often and so on.

    You have your opinion about his music, but he did sell a lot of CDs.

    Killing the ratings? He isn't the only wrestler part of Raw. He isn't the one who is out there for 2 hours. It is the other guys.

    WWE probably made the belt and endorsed the change. Doubt it would have been kept on the show if they didn't like it.

    WWE ruined Nexus. Not John Cena because he isn't ahead of creative. He does what is asked.

    I heard reports online that said WWE didn't like Zack Ryder which is why they put him in the Kane angle to take him off TV. Than lose the US title to Swagger.

    Marine gimmick was so the movie would sell. Marines endorsed him as well. Unlike Orton for Marine 3.

    18.I bet WWE had something to do with that. Jeff did the same to Matt Hardy in their I Quit match in 2009.

    19.You don't believe the face of the company has the most work to do than a guy like Zack Ryder. Ryder and other guys on Superstars begging to get on the show of Raw is more hardworking than John Cena. The same guy who is on all the talk shows, press conferences, radio interviews, waving flag at races, flipping the coin at the bowl games, and so on isn't the hardest worker in the company. Someone else is who hasn't been given those oppurtunities. The same guys who complain because they don't. It reminds me a bit of CM Punk in the Summer of last year. Cena is the hardest worker without question.

    20.Without Cena on ppv, they don't sell. Without Cena on Raw, no one would tune in. WWE was afraid to take Cena off Raw after Survivor Series 2010. What does that tell you....

    21.Attitude era is what you talk about that is so great. The main reason for that was because of the entertainment. Not the wrestling......that is why it was a hot period. For a guy who loved the era as much as yourself, you would know it was the entertainment value.

    22.Matt Morgan was given a studder gimmick in 2005 as Carlito's body guard. Super Cena is WWEs doing. Not Cena's!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by No_1eddiefan
    This response made more sense than the entire blog.
    Agreed. thetheme's response crushed every bit of points Bartish2 made. Well done thetheme.
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    Unfortunately, Cena is the face of the WWE.

    With this Cena is also the face of all the problems with the current product. Cena is a large part of why the product sucks, but he isn't totally to blame. Squash matches, celebrity glorification and Eve Torres together all are huge problems. Blaming Cena is easy but "fixing" Cena will not fix the product. Your blog seems to scream for a better product and I totally and completely understand. Whether you like Cena (and I can't for the life of me see why you would) or hate him one thing is for certain; we all want a better product. Your frustration runs true with me, I like brutal, to the point writing, so don't stop.


    P.S. Anyone who says Punk is becoming the same as Cena consider this; Could Cena have had a decent match with Jericho at Wrestlemania?

    Watch Survivor Series 2008. No. He can't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thetheme
    Ok... so as far as it goes with you, It's only Cena that is killing the WWE... I'm going to go down your list and point out everything that is totally wrong with it. No I'm not a Cena fan, but I'm going to bring some logic to this.

    1: Saying he can't wrestle is the excuse that fans have been coming up with for YEARS. He made his debut in the WWE against Kurt Angle and hung with him. That right there is proof enough. How can you go against Taker, Jericho, Benoit, Lesnar, Eddie, HHH, HBK and say those words? You notice that most of those names were in the attitude era? Did you watch those matches? Quit your bitching, Cena not being able to wrestle is completely false.

    2: 5 moves of doom? How long have you been watching? Hmmmmmmm... Rock, Austin, Taker, HBK, HHH, Bret, Hogan, Eddie, Benoit. ALL of them had moves of doom that closed matches. If you have been around for the 80s, then there were nothing but 5 moves of doom matches on wrestling shows.

    3: WWE treats him like a main eventer because he IS one. He worked his way to the top and wasn't given anything like certain others like the Rock. Get over it.

    4: Promos. So you are saying that Rock, Hogan, Austin and other big names in wrestling never said the same things over and over again?

    5: His outfit. Lets see. Red and yellow. Black trunks and black knee braces/knee pads, Pants with hearts. What the WWE is doing is great business marketing. It worked in the past, and it works now. How many Sheamus shirts do you see out there? Ziggler? Bryan? The ones that come the closest is Punk and Orton. If you aren't wearing the shirts, why does it matter?

    6 and 7: Are you telling me that Rock, HBK, Bret, Hogan, and even Austin didn't have women and kids screaming for them? AREN'T YOU ONE OF THOSE THAT SCREAMED FOR THEM AS A KID/TEEN? The WWE has been like that since the 80s.

    8: Vince knows but guess what, YOU STILL WATCH. I'm not talking about the kids or women, I'm talking about YOU. If you are still watching you are supporting, simple as that. For example. If a you were served bad food at a place, would you go back there to eat? If you say yes then you are an idiot!

    9: Once again, if you keep watching then you are saying you like what you see no matter what. When the dick magnet the miz won the WWE title I didn't watch the WWE for 10 months. If you want to really say to the WWE "I'm tired of this", STOP WATCHING. People are watching just like when we were kids/teens, and that's telling them what they want to hear.

    10: So Tooth Fairy, Mr. Nanny, No holds Barred, Ready To Rumble were big box office hits? What about Fozzy? Fast 5 was NOT Rocks movie, it was Vin Diesel's, don't play stupid. The only way that wrestlers make it to star in movies is because of wrestling, and that ESPECIALLY goes for the Rock.

    11: Even the fans knew about Brock being back before he was even brought out. Saying that only Cena can't sell is very stupid. Other people suffer from the same unless it's REALLY personal.

    12: During the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s the internet wasn't all over the place showing the shows. There wasn't TIVO or DVR's, and people were tuning in on their TV's which isn't happening because of what I just explained. NOT because of Cena.

    13: Now you are just sounding like a little bitch that just complains. Once again, no one is forcing you to listen to his entrance.

    14: The belt has been changed a bunch of times. This is the longest a belt has been since the winged eagle (I don't count the WHC). Once again. Good marketing, people bought it, still buying it , good business.

    15 and 16: It not Cena that kills momentum and he doesn't bury people. Remember when the spirit squad (5) went against DX (2)? DX DESTROYED THEM then they went to lose against Cody and Ted. Cena got jumped by Nexus and even lost to Wade at a PPV. The miz getting the title stopped the momentum for Nexus hands down. By the way, Cena has been beaten for the title by people that never had titles before. Edge, Sheamus, RVD. Then he lost it to Orton, Punk, and let that no tallent miz beat him at mania.

    17: So a salute to thank the armed forces offends you? That's why he does the salute.

    18: It was a LAST MAN STANDING match and Batista couldn't STAND. That was SMART and funny. Once again you're bitching.

    19: Name some people that work harder or just as hard than Cena. Not just being first one there and the last to leave most of the time. I'm talking about granting wishes, talk show appearances, promoting the WWE positively.

    20: All that was about CM Punks bitching about not getting what he wanted. Now look at Punk. He isn't that far from Cena now and that's what he was after. Cena LET Punk do all of that in those matches. Let me ask you. Do you actually think that certain people would be about to beat the Big Show unless it was scripted? It was a good selling point, good story, and got Laurenitis on the map.

    21: It went from wrestling to entertainment because of the attitude era and it was a soap opera long before that. It is not because of Cena. And again, there were others that did the kids image thing way before Cena did.

    22: Rock, Austin, Hogan, HBK, Taker. All of them have been in situations when they were getting their asses handed to them and somehow walked away with the win. So to only say the phrase "Super Cena" and not to mention any other big face in the past just shows how much of a idiot you are and you know little to nothing about the business.

    In Conclusion: Cena isn't killing the business. He isn't doing anything that hasn't been done or attempted in the past. Know your wrestling history, stop being one sided about the situation, quit your Cena hating bitching, and stop being a idiot. You as a kid did the same shit that kids are doing for Cena now. It works, it sells, it's a business, the attitude era is long gone.

    Linda running for office, The Benoit incident, Hardcore Holly cutting his back on TV on a table are examples of why the WWE went PG, NOT CENA. GET THAT IN YOUR HEAD AND DEAL WITH IT.
    This response made more sense than the entire blog.
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    I think Cenas overhyped and overabused, Hes not the greatest in the ring. But hes entertaining. He makes me laugh. Hogan didn't have an unlimited move set either.People loved him.
    I do agree about the violent soap opera thing you said. But thats not Cenas fault thats the writers.
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    I genuinely haven't laughed so much in ages.

    Thank you!
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    Just had to thank you for this post. I had always wondered why guest singers were at like every Wrestlemania, and you thankfully let me know that Cena is responsible for all 39 of them. Now when I rewatch the older Wrestlemanias, I know that Super Cena went back in time and ruined everything, thanks mate.
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