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  1. Why John Cena is killing the WWE Part 2

    To continue why john cena sucks and why he is killing the wwe, here we go:

    9) WWE continues to shove cena down our throats like he is so great
    I like watching wwe programming. The parts I hate are with john cena in them. When I do watch them, they just continue to shove him down our throats week after week with supercena 5 moves of doom, same lame promos or the crappy commentary ...

    Updated 04-12-2012 at 06:34 PM by bartish2

  2. Why John Cena is Killing the WWE

    Hello, just a blog I want to get off my chest since I am tired of cena marks claiming cena is the greatest when he is not. He is ruining the wwe and it is time I explained it. Cena sucks and is killing the wwe and here is why:
    just something before i begin
    -I do not hate cena because it is "cool", I hate cena because I hate everything about this guy
    (going to be long so ...

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  3. KanevsCena analysis

    kane cena feud and what the ending will probably look like
    Analysis of kane vs cena feud
    where it is at right now: with kane and cena match resulting in a double count-out at the Royal Rumble and kane getting the final hit tombstoning ryder and chokeslamming cena it looks as if cena has finally embaraced the hate by attacking kane on the last monday night raw.

    two scenarios ...

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