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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good Blog. Nice ideas...but I'm convinced Undertaker is done.
  2. faby119's Avatar
    good thinking but seems like only rock vs brock match, very much possible
    Updated 04-15-2012 at 01:16 PM by faby119
  3. LionHeart's Avatar
    Awesome! LIKE!
  4. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    Nice blog mate all possible to happen
  5. gavinbiw's Avatar
    cool idea........
  6. Batista101's Avatar
    Fantastic blog, I couldn't agree more, although the Long V Johnny Ace could see: ADR/CHRISTIAN/HENRY & OTUNGA Vs RANDY ORTON/REY MYSTERIO/DREW MAC/SANTINO. Just my thoughts, other than that it all looks good too me.
  7. illmat's Avatar
    Because people expect The Rock to put Cena over, I wouldn't be surprised if the The Rock wins.
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