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  1. wwefan2000's Avatar
    cena wins we riot
  2. k_roll00's Avatar
    Also, Santino would feud with guys like a heel Ezekiel Jackson, and maybe Christian??? A Christian/Santino rivalry could be gold if done right.

    As for the World Championships, I hope Daniel Bryan and Sheamus feud for awhile, hopefully in a series of competitive matches. (The Divas Championship would work being on Smackdown because of what Bryan is currently doing with AJ. It could add some much needed presitige to it). The winner of the feud will feud with Randy Orton.

    Punk and Jericho will feud for awhile I am sure. Cena will probably get into the mix sooner or later considering that after Mania, he won't have much to do. Maybe make it a triple threat at the next PPV. If they go this route, I hope that Cena isnt really involved in the rivalry, but just thrown into the match as a reward for beating the Rock.
  3. JerseyJimbo's Avatar
    I actually think it'd be cool if beth phoenix gets the pin, gets on the mic sayin something like its a joke she has to fight such a nobody and then starts back in on Menounos getting her in a submission move then Kharma's music hits...
  4. k_roll00's Avatar
    and alberto del rio to smackdown (makes sense since there is nothing for him on raw).
    maybe jack swagger or dolph ziggler to smackdown so they can both be showcased on both shows, maybe culminating in a tag team title run.

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