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    You guys are classic! I dont know who the TNA guy is fooling though, the last episode of TNA i tried to stomach, about 4-5 months ago, was LOADED with terrible backstage segments and in ring promos. Saw 1 match in an entire hour. Im an ROH guy, which means, im better than all of you!.

    Anyways, I think a leader on the Sheild would hurt all of those guys, theyre on such a roll right now without one, perhaps more toward summerslam, someone on the wwe roster can turn and join but for now, anyone like Orton or Cena (pffffft ya right) joining would derail all three of these guys. Bray Wyatt tho, interesting....
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    Isn't Orton going to be heel after mania?
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    The leader has to be someone unknown to us. Who ever wins between Rock and Cena (boring) get pummeled by the Shield, Punk comes in the ring to congratulate them for the beat down, they turn on him beating him to a bloody pulp, as Punk is laying on the mat Colt Cabana comes out from the crowd into the ring and raises the hand of the Shield as WM ends.
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    Leave my wife out of this and I'll leave it out of your wife.
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    Why does the shield even need a "leader"? They are doing great as is. A leader would essentially be the beginning of the end. They are already being billed as the most well oiled trio in WWE history. There's really no reason for them to have a leader. Mercenaries for hire or a trio acting on their own is far more interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3countdcg
    First off. I've forgot more about wrestling then you will ever know.

    2nd. I truly don't follow TNA. They are a poor man's WCW in the wrong era. I've been watching the WWE be on top for 30 years now and they are uncomparable..obviously.

    3rd. Geek? what is this 1981. That's your throwback derrogary verbage? C'mon be man..use A-Hole, d-bag, F-fart, pussy..something with more bite man....
    Sorry, tough guy. Please, enlighten me on your vast illuminous rasslin' knowledge!
    You should use that so called 30 year knowledge to realize that fans like you are a part of the problem. "I DURRE DURR WATCHED WWE DURR DURR BE ON TOP FOR 30 YEARS!!" No. That's your wife. Pull your head out of your ass and learn how to support the business itself.
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